$70,000 since January on Tour Tuesday

It’s Tour Tuesday and Tara talks about the increase in home prices since January 2021 and Julie has a new listing to talk about at https://taralyons.ca/current-belleville-homes-sale/


It’s Tour Tuesday and we’re in sync, and Tom would be here, but he’s behind the camera.

I’m here

Joe would be here but is showing a house. So Joe says, hi.

You missed him by, like, just a minute or two.

So, yeah, we have some interesting stats today. And probably the key stat that we heard was on average, we have seen an increase of $70,000 since January.

That is, we’re 2021 has brought us leaving Belleville at an average of $500,000 for a sale price for this month so far. So that’s interesting. Everything’s up across the board when it comes to pricing still. But we are seeing a bit of a summer lull, which is more typical of what we see. And we are expecting that switch to go in the fall up.

Turn the tap back on.

So if you’re a buyer, this is actually a really good time for you to be looking at properties because we are seeing houses miss their offer date.

Because a lot of buyers right now are out there with their families. We’ve been in lockdown for so long that when that lifted. Everyone’s out visiting their family, their friends, enjoying the beautiful weather, except to say, I think we’re getting rain again. So we’re back to that, too. So, you know what? We expect that to continue on for the summer. And but again, if you’re selling and you want to sell. Prices are up.

So it’s all good.

A little shor ton listings.

Yeah. Yeah. What else is new and exciting?

We’ve got a new listing. Yes. We’ve got a nice four level split on Belleville’s West End 266 College St. W. Great spacious corner lot. Nice little fenced yard. Actually it’s a spacious fenced yard, five bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms. It’s a little bit of TLC. That’s super great property. If you’re looking for a bit of a little flip property, all the information’s on our website.

So check it out and give us a call if you want to take a look. Oh, go check out the studeo shows, lots of shows, little house inside photos, all that good stuff for Taralyons.ca. Julie is going to get a holiday.

Tour Tuesday Out.