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TARA LYONS, Sales Representative
Email: tara@taralyons.com | Cell: 613-922-3200

Well as a Belleville Real Estate Agent , I guess I'm not sure where to start. So bear with me as I try to pass on why I can be a tremendous help to you. I hope you'll see that I try to become more than just an agent to my clients. I try to become a friend, and adviser.

With over 10 years experience as a Belleville Real Estate Agent, I have the expertise to help you buy or sell a home. I’ve worked on residential homes, condominiums and multi-units. Best of all, I grew up in the Quinte area and love being a Belleville Realtor. I know the area well and can inform you on what locations will best suit you and your family. Every city has it's "up-and-coming" and declining areas. Understanding which areas these are can help save you thousands in resale value down the road. Or it can help protect your family by moving into a safer area.

“I believe in matching people to the right home.” By asking the right questions, I help to determine the right home and the right neighbourhood for you and your family.

“I believe in family values.” Having been married since 1992 to my husband Tom, I understand the importance of family and how vital it is to choose the right area to raise your family in. I can also help you get more information on what is going on in the community. From determining where to go for a great meal or where to find out schedules for soccer or hockey. I work, live and participate in the Quinte community.

“Buying or selling a home is about my clients and their experience.” I always keep my clients informed throughout the home selling or buying process. I like to provide home buyers and sellers with a checklist to help make sure they don’t forget any important steps along the way.

“I want my clients to have a great experience when buying or selling their home. I know this can be a stressful time and I am determined to help make it an enjoyable process.”

On a more personal note...

I have been married for over 20 years to Tom, my friend and husband. After living in Guelph for six years while we finished our post secondary education, we couldn't wait to move back to the Quinte area.

Having grown up here, it is in my blood. I love the beautiful Bay of Quinte. Tom and I have lived in many homes. Our very first purchase was a 30 foot sailboat and we docked it in Victoria Park for a season and lived on it!. Our second home was a 4-plex in Trenton and we fixed it up and sold it a couple of years later. Our current home is a condominium in Belleville. We love the freedom this provides. (No yard work).

While growing up here in the Quinte area, I have lived in Prince Edward County (down on South Bay), in the City of Belleville and City of Trenton(now Quinte West), north of Belleville and somewhere in between. I love this area and look forward to showing my clients it's true beauty.

My husband Tom grew up in Calgary and we met when he moved here to finish highschool. Tom and I currently have one cat, Peaches and one Dog, River. Don’t worry, I only talk about them if you bring it up. I promise. However, if you ever come over, I'm sure they would like to say hi!

If you are looking for a Belleville Real Estate Agent in the Quinte area, who is knowledgeable and honest about the community, then I am your Belleville Realtor. I hope I passed on my enthusiasm for helping people, I love showing homes, meeting new people and working to help others get that dream home. Feel free to call me with any questions, the numbers are at the top of the web site. Or you can email me tara@taralyons.com, I always check my email, and I'll get back to you right away.

I look forward to helping you move

"Your Information Source",
Tara Lyons
Sales Representative


TOM LYONS, Sales Representative
Email: tom@taralyons.com | Cell: 613-848-7289

Tom Lyons is the partner and second half of Team Tara Lyons. Being married to his beautiful and amazing wife for more than 24 years, they make a good team. You'll often find Tom behind the scenes ensuring the homes are getting great exposure online. He's a graduate of Conestoga College's Marketing Program, and has a huge love of technology, giving him a unique skill set for marketing homes. Tom has spoken at several Real Estate focused conferences and has been the guest speaker for events such as the RealTech meetup and Secrets of the Masters. Tom’s been listed as one of the top 100 social media consultants but spends his time focusing on Team Tara Lyons and their clients. Tom currently lives in Belleville, Ontario but originally hails from Calgary, Alberta. He loves his dog River, and given the chance will talk endlessly about her, so be warned if you ask how she is!