Spring Gardening Time

Winter is officially over and here comes one of the best seasons, spring. This is when everything comes to life. Spring is considered a period of growth and new life.  After surviving a long winter, it is now the time to go out, appreciate sunshine, budding plants, birds and everything around us.

Spring is synonymous to “gardening time”. While most kids look forward to spring break; gardeners, flower and plant enthusiasts are gearing up for spring gardening. This is a busy yet exciting time for gardeners and it’s time for you to become one as well. Postpone your trip to the salon, get your nails dirty and have fun along the way.


Preparation is essential. Get your tools and gears ready. To prevent possible accidents, check your tools and equipments first. If they are malfunctioning, take them for servicing or you may also buy new ones. In addition, have your tools sharpened and oiled.

You must also do a survey on your yard. Check whatever is needed to be removed, cut, cabled or repaired.

Cleaning and Pruning

Get rid of fallen branches, dead growth and other debris from your yard. This will clear your lawn and will help new plants to grow.

Once trees and shrubs have started growing, you will be able to see which branches are dead, damaged or diseased. You can trim these plants by yourself or get help by calling your local tree servicing company.

Land Preparation

Once you have cleaned out the debris left by the winter season, it is time for sod removal, weeding, aeration and soil fertilization, if needed.


Before buying plants or seeds, plan first and do some research on what flowers or plants are good for your area and climate. You can also ask for advice from the nursery where you will be purchasing your plants. Do not limit your questions as to what plants or seeds to buy, include information on proper planting method as well as the needs of each specific plant you intend on buying.

Attract Birds

Clean your feeders and baths and provide bird feeding stations. A healthy garden with food, water, shelter and nesting site encourages birds to visit.

Spring gardening may take a lot of hard work but you can make this activity fun, relaxing and enjoyable by encouraging your family to help you. Kids will learn more than a thing or two from spring gardening and so will you.