Talko Tuesday: Bring on the Turducken!

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It’s Talko Tuesday. Oh, my gosh.

I think we were actually in sync on that one.

We got it. It is the Tuesday where we Talko bout real estate. You might see we’re missing, Joe. He’s out with an appointment so he couldn’t be here today.

I like the cardboard cut out for him.

Oh, my gosh.

And we could just drop a face on it. That would be really funny.

Big election last night. Wow.

Yeah. Some people are on one side of it. Some people are on the other. We will keep our opinions to ourselves.

But we’d like to hear yours, put them in the comments and let us know if you’re happy with the minority. Would you like to have seen a majority? Are you happy with who got elected? You wish somebody else had got elected? You wish we hadn’t had an election at all at.

So many things. Do all of the above, that’s about it.

We had a really great topic. Great. Julie, on what we wanted to talk about today.

Yeah, absolutely.

Kind of a sensitive subject. I would think for a lot of people, but we’ve been having a lot of conversations with homeowners that are hanging on by a thread, trying to make their mortgage payments and maybe falling behind. And if you’re in that situation, we know it sucks, but we would rather help you list and sell your house and help you take away all that money that you can before you lose them. It’s a crappy situation. But we’ve been having a lot of conversations with clients about it that are in that situation, and we want to help you.

You’re better to act quickly and get all that equity that’s in your home, then to wait until it’s too late and let the bank eat it away with legal and with all the things that they do when you actually have a path out. And it’s better to take it early than to wait too long. I know that sucks. Like Julie says, it sucks, and there isn’t a great answer to that part of it, but at least we can salvage a lot of what’s going on. So get a hold of us, and at least we can talk about it.

And you’re not alone. There’s a lot of people. It’s been a hellish year for the last year and a half. So you’re not alone. We’re here to help you. There is not a question you can ask us that we have probably been this room or can help get you an answer on that.


So please contact us earlier rather than later.

Don’t go and wait too long as it it’s too late.

Set out, right?


And we have seen some bank sales coming on now for a variety of reasons. So let’s not make that you, you contact us first, and everything you tell us is confidential.


Absolutely. Get the money in your pocket.


Nobody needs to know why you’re selling. That is not like when somebody asks us, why are these people selling? We don’t tell them that’s not their business. That has no valid impact on the sale of the home. So nobody needs to know unless you tell us to tell them. Unless if you want us to talk, then we will hear.


Good topic, Julie.

Excellent topic. What else is going on in the world here? We had the Empire Theater in the square this last weekend, and it was all about raising money for the shelter foundation. And there was a 50 50 draw. That half of the money was going to the shelter foundation and half went to a lucky winner, and they got to take home just over $4,000. So $4000 went to the shelter, plus all tickets, which were exceeding $30,000.


So good on Mark Rashotte and All You Need Is Love and all the people that played at the venue this weekend.

And I think that was their farewell concert, too. I might be wrong with that.

But, no, it was the farewell concert for All You Need Is Love.

All You Need Is Love. Goodbye. All You Need Is Love. We’ve had many great songs, many great nights, many great concerts. So thank you guys for being the group that you were.

So Yay.

That was great.

What else we got? Thanksgiving coming up in a couple of weeks. So let us know. Turkey or ham. That’s always the question. I like Turkey or or both or Turducken. No, that is it.

Maybe. Okay.

Tour Tuesday Out!