There’s a reason Tara Lyons is one of the best in her field. — Steph and Colin VanderMeulen

“There’s a reason Tara Lyons is one of the best in her field. Many reasons, actually! Unlike some, Tara consistently places her clients first above all else. She is focused entirely on you and what you want at all times. She listens and takes note of what her clients want in a house. Accordingly, the properties she shows never waste the clients’ time.

Tara also offers excellent expert advice but only after she’s been asked for it, and never to sway a decision in her favour. She lets clients work out their questions and talk things over with each other. She knows real estate very well, but also the virtues and downfalls of houses. She does her research and upgrades her expertise often.

Above all, Tara’s goal is to match clients to a place they can happily call home. And all this while helping make the process a very fun rather than stressful time! Tara has been our one and only real estate agent for several years now. We’ve had the exciting pleasure of finding homes with her and would readily and confidently recommend her to anyone.

Thank you, Tara, for making our experiences great!” — Steph and Colin VanderMeulen