Tour Tuesday and Halloween 2018

TourTuesday and Halloween2018

00:15 We’re so we have a lot of pride in our costumes we’re cool!
01:01 What’s everybody doing for the Halloween?
02:21 We are going into the house on tour with these outfits!
04:19 Good news! We won! We way to go Belleville 250,000 dollars to help develop that perk!
05:07 We are giving away some of our season tickets!
05:15 Dana and Michael congratulations they won the 50/50 they were out of the game and they won.
06:00 We will have our customer appreciation movie date on January 26, we will keep you posted for more updates!
06:39 Marc Rashad is opening up the Empire Theater doors and he’s gonna have two Christmas movies and that is free to you the public, it is first come, first serve.