Tour Tuesday and Julie’s Birthday! 🥳

Team 0:00
It’s Tour Tuesday!

Tom Lyons 0:06
And today’s the day that’s almost Julie’s birthday!

Tara Lyons 0:10
Almost! Almost! Almost Julie’s birthday!

Team 0:19
Happy birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear Julie! Happy Birthday to you.. and many more!

Julie 0:32
Thank you!

Tara Lyons 0:35
My days are so blended right now.

Julie 0:36
I don’t know.. Somebody told me to have a good weekend yesterday. It’s Monday! Okay. I will.

Tara Lyons 0:44
I was like, today’s not Monday. ..So big plans for your birthday?

Julie 0:58
Yeah we’re heading up north.

Tara Lyons 1:01
What birthday is it?

Julie 1:03
It’s not a big one.

Tara Lyons 1:08
Are we sure?

Julie 1:09
It’s #40.. Four Zero.

Tom Lyons 1:18
Happy birthday!

Julie 1:28
Yeah, we got a big celebration weekend. My niece turns 18 actually on, she was born on my birthday. My birthday, and my stepmom is turning 60. And Father’s Day, so we’re having a big.. Yeah, we’re just having a big old bash! Celebrate it all.

Tom Lyons 1:51
Rolling it out!

Tara Lyons 1:52
Now you’re allowed to be together!

Julie 1:57

Tara Lyons 1:58
That’ll be nice. That’ll be nice to for Blake to be able to see everyone.

Julie 2:02
Yes, he’s excited.

Team 2:04
Imagine everybody out there is super excited about the fact that they can start getting together with people a little bit..

Julie 2:09
And hug people! Even if you’re not a hugging person.

Tara Lyons 2:15
It’s true. And it was announced on our meeting this morning for Royal LePage, our offices are going to be opening back up to the public soon. So that’ll be, we’ve got all kinds of protocols in place, just so you know. So call us first.

Team 2:30
Yeah. And then the fact is, is that we’re pretty much in the swing of doing things the way we’re doing them now. So you might not even need to ever go into our office.

It’s true. We have everything set up for virtual now so..

Julie 2:46
I go in there to visit, every once in a while and say hi, lonely office!

Tara Lyons 2:52
Remember, I need something, I’m looking for something I’m going, oh it’s at the office! So, it’s good though. Things are opening up and I think that, for mental health, that’s going to really help for people. And for our businesses, we have to. There’s a lot of businesses that need our support. So we need to get back out there and spending some money in our local businesses.

Team 3:22
Market-wise, pretty much back to where it was.

Tara Lyons 3:25
Yeah I think we’re about 25% down over this time last year. But everything is looking positive. Activity is definitely out there. Some pricing has gone up as well. So it’s all very, very positive. A positive outlook.

Julie 3:40
And as predicted, the amount of calls from the GTA area, of people looking to get out of the big centers is crazy. Absolutely crazy.

Tara Lyons 3:57
It’s true. Lots of phone calls out of Toronto. And it was interesting. I was talking with two places, Ottawa. And Ottawa even sees movement from Toronto, which I thought was interesting. And Petawawa is starting to see activity. They’ve been apparently a buyers market for a long time. And they’re now starting to see some multiple offers and holding offers and that. So that was rather interesting. And that’s of course, driven by the military as well. So we are starting to see the military move, which is great, and they’re starting to look for August close, close date. So you’ll see some activity on that. I think we’ll see some again, higher increase in activity over the next month or so. Oh, did we talk about Smith last week? We have a new listing on 18 Smith Road. It’s a really great home sitting in the country with trees. Nice treed yard and it’s a beautiful great room with floor to ceiling windows floor to ceiling fireplaces a fireplace with the walkout basement as well. It’s a really beautiful home. We have 2145 Blessington Road. It’s a bungalow, and lots of renovations done on that home as well. And it’s got a really great workshop in the back, as well as an attached double car garage. We have that great property up in Kaladar.

Julie 5:24
Yeah! 113048 HIGHWAY 7 in Kaladar. We just had a little price reduction on that one. So take a look at that. It’s a great one and a half storey, four bedroom. Lots of great updates. Yeah, it’s a great house. Oh, and Smith Road. Well, it’ll probably be posted after this but, virtual open house this afternoon.

Tara Lyons 5:50
Oh yes.. And then we have some county properties too. We have 54 Pats Lane which is an awesome waterfront property. If you’re looking for waterfront, hard to come by. It’s on a dead end road too, it’s at the end. So very private road and, it’s a bungalow as well. So it takes advantage of all the views of the water, and it has a big detached double car garage too. And we have one on County Road 1.

Julie 6:18
Yep, County Road 1. We’re all about the big detached garages.. storage right now. Yeah, 89 County Road 1, is just about an acre. It’s got like attached 4 car garage. And then a big detached workshop and it’s a raised bungalow with 5 bedrooms and a nice updated kitchen. Yeah, it’s a good spot too.

Tara Lyons 6:47
And then we have another waterfront down in the county on Massassauga Road. And that one had, that one’s huge. It’s got a ton of bathrooms and bedrooms with on suites and make a really neat getaway for those people wanting to get out of Toronto. So come and take a look at that. And then of course we have up on Moira Road. Stunning home on 65 acres. If you want space out of Toronto, this is where you want to come to. And again, it’s got an attached double car garage. It’s got a detached two and a half car garage and it’s got another outbuilding that you could use as home office. It’s a stunning two storey home on that acreage as well. Saltwater pool, hot tub. It’s a little oasis away from the city. Okay, well I think that’s everything! Everybody play safe, be safe, work safe. Julie have an incredible birthday!

Julie 7:43
Thank you!

Tara Lyons 7:44
Take a few days off. What’s that like?

Julie 7:46
I don’t know.

Tom Lyons 7:49
You’re gonna find out..

Tara Lyons 7:54
Alright! Tour Tuesday out!