Tour Tuesday and Sandhu

0:00 It’s Tour Tuesday

0:32 New Listing 2 Sandhu Cr., Belleville

1:40 We need listings, great time to take advantage of a strong seller’s market.

2:30 Looking for a home with In-law home in the country $800,000+

3:09 Only 7 listings between $200,000 and $600,000 in Belleville. Crazy seller’s market.

3:56 Kids are back in school you can hear the parent’s sigh of relief!

4:30 In like a lion, out like a lamb????

5:06 Julie learns an alliteration

6:19 Tour Tuesday Out!


It’s Tour Tuesday , we had it right on with just the two of us.

It’s just the two of us.

It’s funny, we think way too much a like Julie.

I know we do.

We miss being in the office together.

I know.

But that’s OK. So we have some stuff to talk about today. We have a new listing coming on at 2 Sandhu Crescent, which is in the west end of Bellville. This is a great town home. It is an end unit with a double car garage and it has one bedroom on the main level with en suite bath, three piece en-suite bath and a walk in closet.

Big walk in closet and has a main floor laundry room, another two piece bath, a beautiful living room with vaulted ceilings. It has patio doors up to a deck in a really pretty yard and patio area. And then it has the combination dining room and kitchen as well. Walk out to the garage and then really big foyer and then you go downstairs and you have an in-law potential down there. They’re currently using it as an in-law suite and they’ve got a big recreation room, bedroom down there, another room that’s used as a den and a kitchen, 4 piece bathroom and a kitchenette area.

So really great home if you have anybody looking for something like that.

And stay tuned for the Facebook live video tour of that one.

Yes. Yeah, excellent. And I think the bigger thing right now is we have buyers looking for homes. So if you have a home that matches the criteria that Julie’s going to talk to you about, please let us know because we can sell it.

Yeah, I mean, we’ve got a laundry list of buyers, but I mean, in every price point I’ve got people looking for waterfront on the back twenty up to $1,200,000. I’ve got someone looking for privacy in the country up to $1,100,000 in town, up to $450,000 in the country, up to $400,000 to $500,000 like basically any price point we’ve got buyers for it.

I have a buyer who’s looking for a home out in the country not too far out of town, about less than fifteen minutes. That has an in-law suite already are in large potential with pool and up to about $800,000 or $900,000. And also in town, if you have a duplex that you’re thinking of selling or again, a home that has an in-law suite in it, up to about $350,000 or $375,000. And if you’re not sure what yours is worth, well we’ll come out and price it and then we can help fit it into the price category that people are looking for.

So thank you. So many buyers, so few listings. Yes.

Apparently we have seven listings in Bellville, currently between $200,000 and $600,000.

Seven, yeah, that’s insane.

Never before have we seen this. Yeah, exactly. I just did an offer on the weekend. There was 11 offers place in the country waiting for the final sale price, but it’s crazy.

We had a duplex in town that had six offers on it and they’re going well over last year.

So get one yesterday had I think 20 offers went $100,000 over in Belleville. We need your listings.

We do. I know. I feel like a broken record. I know. And the kids are back at school. Julie’s happy.

Yeah. I was never so happy to see that bus pull away from you and many other parents.

Exactly. Happy to be back.

Oh yeah. And of course they have Friday off, so I’m not super happy about that. But that’s so bizarre.

And we’ve had a great winter. I mean, honestly, we’ve had a nice, mild winter, it’s not been too bad we’ve still been able to get outside, but I do think there’s snow storms coming. So maybe we’ll get something for the end of January. Like in lamb out like a lion. In like a lamb, like I think I’m allowed to do sayings or jokes and stay tuned because next week I know we’ve been talking about it, but now it’s going to be coming to you on Tuesday.

We are going to have Tom’s tips.

Oh, he’s got the first one coming up for next week. And we’ve been working on them for a couple of months now. So he’s he’s excited to share with you Tom’s Tour Tuesday tips.

First of all, what’s next? Not a tongue twister at all. I want to see him sitting through Blake’s online learning.

I learned that it is an alliteration, but I learned something I thought I know at home learning too.

There you go.

Who knew you were smarter than five year olds? No. But is it smarter than a fifth grader?

Yeah. I hope we’re smarter than five year olds. I hope so when it comes to selling homes. Yeah. OK, well, we’ll see you all next week.

We’re really excited this week. On Thursday, we’re going to have our awards and it’s going to be virtual. So that’s going to be fun to see how they do that and celebrate everybody and what they achieved during covid.2020. So.

I know it’s covid-19, but I’m calling it 2020. Just hindsight’s a lovely thing. Yeah. All right.