Tour Tuesday and Still Yet More Rain

It’s TOOOOUUURRR Tuesday again and guess what? ┬áIt’s raining. ­čÖü

But still, we’re having fun on the run.

0:35 Another listing, the twin to 403 Bleecker, it’s 401 Bleecker Ave.┬á

2:12 Found two kittens in a boat?  Thank you to Fixed Fur Life.

3:10 Market┬áhas slowed a bit, but that’s normal.

3:25 ┬áQuinte is closing, Tom’s ok with it. ┬áHow do you feel?

4:50 Tom and Tara sing!

5:10 Ask us anything, but you need to ask for it to work.

5:50 Rhino Sports, anyone check it out yet?