Tour Tuesday and the Agents of Shield

Julie 0:07
Tom that was creepy!

Team 0:10
It’s Tour Tuesday!

Tara Lyons 0:27
So let’s get the elephant out of the room?

Tom Lyons 0:31
Just wait. I can’t help but notice that now that we can’t that we’re not touring. It’s not raining out on Tuesdays.

Julie 0:39
Right? Like every Tuesdays but nice.

Tom Lyons 0:47
Just pointing that out.

Tara Lyons 0:48
That’s a good point. So this is our shields for our community. We’re now calling ourselves Agents of Shield!

Tom Lyons 1:06
We’re making these, were 3d printing. They’re called PPE face shields. They’re used in the medical community to stop nasties like viruses and stuff like that from getting through.

Tara Lyons 1:18
Moist talking.

Tom Lyons 1:19
Moist talking. You can sneeze on the inside, disgusting sneeze on the outside. it protects you. Right? Anyway we’ve been donating these to local frontline workers.

Tara Lyons 1:32
It’s a 3D printer. So if there is anybody out there with 3D printers, we are calling all 3D printers. So this piece here for the bottom and this piece here for the top is being printed. And then we get elastics and these all these are like projection overheads, which I don’t think we really have anymore. So these are like covers for binders and that their production shields 8 and a half by 11. And then the elastic. So if you have any of these items, the shields and the elastics, we’re certainly looking for those. You can email us and we can make arrangements for drop off and pick up.

Tom Lyons 2:12
Big shout out to Chris Finkel from Finkel Electric. He’s been organizing this stuff and getting people like ourselves that have a 3d printer organized to be able to get these out to the community. And then he’s getting supplies out to people. So thank you very much, Chris. Because he’s really the one that’s been pushing this for us to do it.

Tara Lyons 2:34
And it’s amazing. We work for an amazing company, Royal LePage. We just had our meeting this morning, and we just put a request out to anybody who may have these in their offices or their homes. And we have already had three people drop stuff off this morning and that we only requested it like an hour and a half ago. And I’ve already gotten so many texts and stuff. So we have a team out there in the community of about 14-15 people that are doing this. And we’ve had the privilege of donating some already that we’ve created. And the response from our community emergency workers who are receiving them is incredibly heartfelt. They’re so appreciative because an example right now is they can’t order these. And the waiting list is at least until the end of May. So we may be through this before they even get it. So that’s the importance of being able to do something like that. So thank you.

Tom Lyons 3:31
Agents of Shield!

Tara Lyons 3:36
Agents of Shield!

Tom Lyons 3:39
That’s Wonder Woman.

Tara Lyons 3:44
So we have a new home. Julie, do you want to talk about it?

Julie 3:47
Yes. 2 Bradley Crescent. Great home in the East End. It’s raised bungalow, 3 bedrooms up and 2 full baths. Single car garage, corner lot on a quiet cul de sac. It’s listed at $399,900. Check out our website. I’ve got a Facebook Live tour on there. And there’s lots of photos and other good stuff to check out!

Tara Lyons 4:13
Such a great home, anybody who is out there looking. We’re also going to send out, or I guess we could attach the link here to an email just giving you an update on the market. We had Phil Soper, our President of Royal LePage come on this morning in our meeting. And he is just amazing. His predictions for where our market’s going over the years have always been correct.

Tom Lyons 4:16
He’s like a wizard. A fortune-telling wizard!

Tara Lyons 4:41
He has been named top CEO for the last three or four years at least

Tom Lyons 4:49
One of the top real estate influencers in North America.

Tara Lyons 4:53
He’s just a really nice guy, very humble. So anyway, he gave his predictions as to where we’re thinking this can go. So right now we’re in a state of emergency until mid May. And he said, you know, if that’s where it ends, and we actually start to get our economy back on track at the mid May mark. Then we may only see about a 1% change in our pricing in homes. Because while we’ve had, we’ve certainly had a decrease in activity in our homes, we haven’t seen a huge decrease in pricing yet. And so then he said, if, because we don’t know, this is all if we don’t know what’s going to happen with this virus. If we get it under control and we flatten the curve. But if we don’t, and it goes where we’re in lockdown till you know July or August, then we may see a decrease of maybe around 3% in our market. Now those are all averages across the country. Each area is a little bit different. And so we make sure we’re watching our area and what’s happening so you can call us and we can give you certainly more detail for your location and area. If we are out of it by mid May, that would be really ideal. We’re going to see a big influx no matter when we come out of this of homes coming on the market, because we have people who are waiting. Because right now we are mostly only dealing with people who have to move and have to buy. So you know..

Tom Lyons 6:19
Ideally you essentially have to move. And what that means it honestly means something different for everybody. Right. But the important thing is really think about whether this is the time you have to move. And if you do then..

Tara Lyons 6:34
Then we’re here to help. And we can certainly help you navigate it. And we’ll have our information as always at the bottom you can call or email us with any questions please. We’re here to help.

Tom Lyons 6:48
The point is, is the market price isn’t expected to move massively and the reason being is supply and demand. Demand was up here to start with, supply was already here. And what we’re really seeing with this is this. All of it is changing together. And because all of it is changing together, we should not see a massive change in pricing. At least that’s the prediction.

Tara Lyons 7:12
So if that’s the way it’s going right now, that means this is the way it should go later. So that’s our predictions were time will only tell us if we’re correct, but it’s coming from a very good source. And from what we’re seeing, too, I think, for the most part, that’s what we’ve been telling people as well. We may see a little bit of a down and then it’s going to come back up again as soon as we’re released and able to do business for our economy again.

Tom Lyons 7:35
Yeah, we’ve seen a reduction in buyers and we’ve seen a reduction in sellers so it is stay in equilibrium.

Julie 7:42
And things aren’t gonna go back to exactly like they were before for quite a while it’ll still be you know, even if with reduced restrictions. It won’t be you know, I’m going to two or five houses you know, in a row it’ll be look as much as you can online. All those virtual showings and everything first. So that’s not going to change anytime soon.

Tara Lyons 8:08
That’s a good point because that was the other prediction is that that’s how it’s going to be until the end of the year, at least for 2020 the way we view homes and everything else is still going to be that social distance to make sure that we keep this disease you know, under control and that’s our primary. What a strange world we’re in. We’re going to look back at these videos and we’re going to look back at what we thought was going to be the “Roaring 20s”. That was our theme for the year right? We’re gonna shake our heads and go look at we’ve just survived through and went through and lived through and stories we’re going to tell.. Imagine what Blake’s gonna be able to tell his kids..

Julie 8:49
That “Pandemic of 2020”!

Tom Lyons 8:52
They’re gonna be teaching about this in school, just like the Dirty 30s. They’ll be teaching this one.

Julie 9:02
We were his teachers at home and he’s hoping he doesn’t have the same teachers next year.

Tara Lyons 9:12
That’s awesome!

Julie 9:13
Hopefully somebody a little more qualified than us. He’s learning lots of good outdoor skills. Measuring and fort building and..

Tara Lyons 9:22
Survival skills!

Julie 9:24
Yeah, exactly.

Tom Lyons 9:26
Ready for the zombie apocalypse!

Tara Lyons 9:36
Well, I think that’s our update. Please call and ask us if you have any questions. If you need anything. We have a lot of numbers and places you can go for help. There is a new phone number we will attach it here. There is a group of teenagers out of Calgary that has started a toll free number so if there’s anybody out there that has depression or is alone And feeling lonely and needs to have a connection. You can call this number. And they have a variety of things on it. They have the joke of the day. They have stories being read, they have poetry being read, it’s just a fun phone number to help you feel connected and, and maybe get help you get out of that depression that you may be in because that is a huge thing right now with people being isolated. And so I just think it’s amazing that the youth of today, this group got together and this is what they came up with and every little bit helps.

Julie 10:50
One of the little things I’ve been doing is, you know, any little funny joke or meme or something that I find, I try and send one of those to somebody daily you know if I can make somebody smile you know and forget about their troubles for you know even just a few minutes then you know every little bit helps.

Tara Lyons 11:11
It does you know it’s funny.. that made this apple thing for Tom yeah Julie saw that. A friend of ours Amy, thank you!, put this thing on that she had made her son so I thought, ooh! I could try that for Tom. Nailed it! And anyway a friend of ours saw it and she said oh my gosh, I laughed so hard at your attempt at this and she says I was in such a funk today and when I saw that it took me right out of my funk because, that’s so bad.

Tom Lyons 11:50
Tasted good, though. tasted like apples.

Julie 11:56
Every little bit helps. If you can be a little bit of joy to somebody saying please do so.

Team 12:01
Tour Tuesday out!

Finkle Electric:
Mental Health and Addiction: 613-967-4737
Calgary Kids Senior Help Line: 1-877-JOY-4ALL