Tour Tuesday and the Batawa Lofts

We are just leaving Batawa right now.

00:21 If you know anybody who’s looking for rentals, the old batawa shoe factory has been converted to the Batawa Lofts and they are completely rentals not condos, not for purchase.
00:40 Pets are allowed.
00:47 Ranges from $1350 to $2950 a month plus utilities.

02:23 We had our movie event our customer appreciation event last Saturday and we got to see Peter Rabbit and it was a lot of fun!
02:46 We have another customer appreciation event coming up and it is our skating event! That’s our Family Day! February 18th 12:00PM-2:00PM.
03:53 if you are thinking of selling again right now any time of the year is an excellent time to get because we have a bunch of buyers that don’t have places to go.
04:10 We have a buyer who’s been looking for a condo and hasn’t been able to find one. Let us know if you have one!