Tour Tuesday and the Manse, Three Dog Winery and #WILB

In this Tour Tuesday, Tom attends a conference for Women, Tara talks poo and River hates Mud.

0:08 WILB Conference – – #WILB
0:30 How to prepare your Home to Sell.
1:01 Jeff Murray – KDM Law –
1:30 Price Increases in the Quinte Area and Why?
2:45 Why we can’t just give a price online, why we ask question about your home.
3:25 What was the mysterious smelling bag?
3:48 Maple in the County – – #mapleinthecounty
4:38 Three Dog Winery – – @threedogwine ‏
4:54 The Mance Inn – – @TheMansePicton ‏
5:46 River dislikes mud!
6:21 Another home sold, Hollowview, full PRICE!


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