Tour Tuesday – Are Open Houses Still Important

There are some Realtors who still do Open Houses. Team Tara Lyons still does them but not as often as we did! Watch this video for more details!

00:05 Happy Halloween, River will be a little hotdog for today and will give out candies!
00:42 We’ve got one question! Are Open Houses as effective as they used to be?
01:16 More people are working with their Realtors, the internet really changed people being able to see homes today. They don’t have to go out and see physically see a home today.

edia and people from all over the world who wants to purchase homes here in our area can see the home clearly. So it’s really important to have that kind of exposure.

03:38 We’ve got nice little house we listed. 25 Boswell got 3 competing offers.