Tour Tuesday: Belleville Home Prices Keep Going Up

It’s Tour Tuesday and we’re talking Belleville Real Estate Stats, Halloween and Giving $200, so tune in!!

0:00 It’s Tour Tuesday
0:06 Tom is missing
1:30 1977 Harmony Rd., Belleville –
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2:29 Vote for your favourite Halloween door, and we’ll give $100 to charity, post your door, and we’ll vote and donate another $100.
3:52 Favourite Candy and Halloween Memories
7:30 Belleville Home Price Stats – 2020 has been incredible!
9:00 Not too late to list and sell before Christmas

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It’s Tour Tuesday.

We’re missing, Tom.

OK, you know, my poor Tom, headaches are the worst. Yeah, so it’s the middle or towards the end of October, what the heck flew by?

Really? I just want 2020 to be over with.

We had a home out on Highway 7.

We told you about last week. It sold. We had multiple offers. We had eight offers on it. It sold forty thousand over. Firm no conditions. You buyers out there, you need to call us so we can help you when going through this process and and talk to talk to Julie about how do you navigate the waters of 2020 in buying a home. And we have we actually were just discussing more new best options to help you get the home, because it’s tough.

It’s tough for sure. Listings, we are really short on listings. It’s the weirdest thing for us not to have like a handful of listings at all times, but we sell them, we list them, we sell them.

They come and they go, pick one that doesn’t have an offer on it right now.

So we have a great home out at 1977 Harmony Road. This one is just waiting for you. So if you want to take a look at it, give Julie a call. It’s an awesome, awesome home. It’s had over four hundred and fifty thousand dollars put into it. And it’s a beautiful country setting beautiful location minutes to the 401. And yeah, so it’s well worth coming out and viewing.

You can see the Matterport and photos and all the good stuff at

Oh, and we have a Facebook Live Video on that too.

Yes, that’s right. Which is awesome.

Like our page, subscribe and comment like subscribe comment and share.

Yeah let’s do that. And don’t forget about our contest. Go to the Facebook page and we have the contest for the picking of the best door that you like. And whichever door wins, we will then do the big reveal on October 31st and let you know which door belongs to which of our team members here and $100 is going to go to the charity of our choice, which we’re going to announce that day as well.

And then we will also be giving $100 to the charity of the person who wins the door picture that they post. So don’t forget to post. We ‘re not getting a lot of posts yet, but I’m going to assume people have not been decorating yet because it’s not quite Halloween. So it can be Halloween or fall. You pick and we look forward to picking the door that also gets to receive $100.

Yeah, we want to see your front doors!

It’s actually fun because I don’t know, but I’ve been seeing all the lawns getting all decorated up and people coming out of the ground.

I feel bad for the kids this year because I don’t know how you are all feeling, but we won’t be giving candy because we don’t want people coming to our door. So parents be extra generous to your children buy them lots of candy.

It’s all I can say, buy your kids lots of candy

They can trick or treat at our door and we’ll just load them up and we’re done.

That’s right, they go to one door.

You got to buy those those King-Size chocolate bars and then you’ll be the favorite. I remember how we get one of those jackpot instantly going to your door for the rest of the life that it.

I never got any as a kid. We we very rarely even got chocolate bars as kids, people just were not giving them out now.

There’s Costco, right? Go to Costco. Get a case of them. And done

We got kisses. Remember candy kisses.

I don’t see them very often.

Well, I actually liked them. Yeah.

I don’t mind them like a few of them.

Not a whole lot

But what are Candy Kisses?

Oh no! You didn’t know

I was waiting for it and I was waiting for her to ask.

I was hesitant to ask

Like a toffee kind of almost.

The bottom of the barrel grosses toffee candy that a wrap up for Halloween. And the really weird is packaging and that is.

Oh are they. They’re like the brown packaging,

Not Tootsie Rolls.

Oh OK. Never mind. I was thinking of a Tootsie roll.

I know you were. Tootsie Rolls were good. These were kisses and not the chocolate kind of kisses.

These were the toffee. Oh, the hard to describe. If you had fillings, you had to be really careful because it might pull them out really misshapen like they weren’t even like a square or circle.

They were like just squished together and wrapped and hard.

As a kid. Our dog got into them one year. We came home, had unwrapped, like individually unwrapped a whole bunch of them and ate this toffee stuff. We just found wrappers everywhere. He was fine somehow. I don’t know. Yeah.

I’m going to try and hunt some down and give them to you for Halloween because everybody should experience that.

Get it on video.

So every year I usually buy chocolate bars because we so seldom got them as kids we get suckers and of course rockets. Remember what rockets are telling me? You know, rockets.

Yeah, I know what rockets are.

You know what?

You need to start throwing things out at us and say, well, do you know what this is?

And I’ll probably go no

Deal. But you know what my absolute favorite gift was to get as we were trick or treating. So if someone gave us a pop or like a juice box, oh, I would down that so fast because what are you treating as a kid?

Then you did’nt need to carry

It’s like a Task. You just you need all that fluid.

You can get that cool. Like, I remember getting a juice box and just like sticking a straw on it. Down it, crushing it onto the next.

Oh my gosh. Yeah. Good memories.

Chips were always my favorite still are.

Oh yeah. Oh.

Are we going to talk about the numbers.

Oh yeah. No, nobody wants to know the numbers.

Nobody wants to hear about real estate.


All right. These are median sale prices. So this is the middle price of everything that sold. It kind of eliminates the million dollars and the well, there’s not a lot of really low ones anyway.

So for here’s what I’m going to give you, Belleville. And we have the stats for all the areas, but I’ll just give you Belleville for now. Then you can call us if you’re interested in some of the other areas, I’m going to give you a history lesson. So in 2018, the median price was $314,000.

In 2019 it was $321,000.

And this year in 2020, it has gone to $390,000, so pretty significant and it’s just shocking how the prices have gone.

Yeah. A story, true story about shaking my head, Prince Edward County and Brighton Township and Trenton is just crazy. So all those areas. All right.

If you have any questions regarding real estate, please give us a call. We are more than happy to chat with you about it. If you’re thinking of listing, give us a call now. There’s still lots of time to get sold before Christmas or get you ready for the spring.

That’s what we’re doing right now, having lots of market pricing on homes for the spring.

And if you’re looking at buying, give us a call.

Let us help you navigate the market that we’re in right now. Call it Covid Market and we’re not calling it that after January 1st. OK. All right, Tour Tuesday Out.