Tour Tuesday, The Dugout and Dahlia May

Tour Tuesday, the Dugout and Dahlia May Farms

What a great Tour Tuesday! A new listing, a great restaurant that provides delivery of fresh vegetables( @dugoutgrillbelleville ) and a local flower farm with a heart( @dahliamayflowerfarm )!


It’s Tour Tuesday. River came running with all the excitement.

Now I feel like we’re a little bit like Pinky and the brain, right? It’s like Pinky, what are we going to do tonight?

Like, she just wants to sit on my lap.

So I hope everybody had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and Family Day weekend.

We did really enjoy cookies. We had tremendous success with our cookies that we delivered and everybody was baking them and posting them online. And I’m so glad everybody enjoyed them. It was fun. They were delicious.

I’m still going through like I’m still going through all the hashtags and finding like other posts that other people have made because they didn’t like they didn’t necessarily have to post them on our page. Right. They could just hashtag them and finding other ones that other people did so good. Somebody added some coloured Smarties to them.

Yeah, there is some different. Yeah. Additions, but yeah.

Did you see the one that Kerrigan made. She made one big cookie out of it made like other than Cookie or whatever.

She made a big cookie. It was a nice little pick me up right. For everyone having to stay in and we drove around a lot. We just got in our car and drove around and took the dog and and we would just drive around and see what people were doing, didn’t get out of our car.

We went and got out of our house. It was it was a Dairy Queen. We got some like Dairy Queen or something like that. And we went down to we went down to Victoria Park and sat in our sat in our car social distancing. But watching the skaters.

Yeah. I mean, we did not feel like we had to get out and skate, just so you know.

No, we we stayed. We are for good.

But yeah, we normally have our skating event on Family Day, so we just thought we’d go down and watch some skating.

Yeah. But we just wanted to give a little thank you out to all our clients. And we hope that you enjoyed them.

We hope everybody received them ok and found one left in your mailbox if you haven’t check your mailbox.


Yeah. So there’s one now there’s a couple of places we want to talk about today. One is called the Dugout has a lot of you would know they’re located in the east end of town. And they came up with a really great concept during covid. And what they’ve done is they’ve created boxes of vegetables. And depending on what your tastes are, they have several different selections. We tried them a couple of weeks ago and well, I think it was about two weeks ago because we got our box and the vegetables were fresh and beautiful.

And I love the fact that all like huge carrots, like big carrots. And and I just we just went and we picked them up. You can have them dropped off. We didn’t realize that, but they do delivery as well. So we did a pick up and it was safe and they did a great job.

So the Dugout. Yeah.

Kudo’s. Yeah. And our other business, you may or may not have heard of them. They’re a local farmer. It’s a Dahlia May flower farm in there in the Wooler area. Family owned business for four generations. Really beautiful cut fresh cut flowers and they actually just delivered as a surprise 50 little mason jars of fresh blooms to the Valley Lodge nursing home to brighten the residence day during these challenging times. So super great and giving back to the community.

They’ve overcome amazing obstacles in the past few years because it’s weather dependent. They’ve gotten everything knocked out with frost and just overcome so many obstacles and just and still continue to to overcome and give back and really great, beautiful flowers.

That’s also what support these local governments because they really need our help.

Yeah, we have a new listing. We have 179 Herchimer, Unit #7. This is a great condo located in the east end of town. It’s kind of in it’s own little it looks like a driveway that you’re pulling into. And then there’s this complex of behind. It’s close to shopping and schools and highways. It’s just really convenient. It’s a main floor unit, and it has its own single car garage as well, so it’s got two bedroom, two bath, nice big open concept patio doors that lead out to a green space and up in ground pool.

And so take a look. You can look online at the virtual open house as well. And the dollhouse.

You may not see this in time, but I think the virtual open house airs at noon today, Tuesday, Tuesday, the 16th, just as you see in this afternoon.

You can go and still look it up. It still will leave the recording up there, of course. Yeah. Yeah. That’s awesome. Yeah, so pretty short, Tour Tuesday today.