Tour Tuesday and the Hot Toddy

This week on Tour Tuesday, Angela does a drive by, Tara has a Hot Toddy and Mark Rashotte visits Jimmy Fallon.

0:28 Angela’s drive by.
0:34 Our listing 506 Moneymore Rd., was on tour!! See it here:
0:37 Mark Rashotte( @markrashotte ) and Jake Clemons( @jakeclemons ) visit Jimmy Fallon.
1:15 Check out Jake Clemons new CD, we love Jake!
1:43 New Rules for FINTRAC.
2:30 Mortgage rates are changing again.
4:06 Tara is sick. ­čÖü
4:28 Ingrid Moore( @somebodysmom1 ) makes Tara have a Hot Toddy!