“Unlocking the Top Search Filters in Belleville Real Estate: Insights from REALTOR.ca, Plus Tips from Team Tara Lyons

Have you ever wondered what people are searching for when they look for properties in Belleville? REALTOR.ca, a popular online real estate marketplace, has released data on the top search filters and keywords used by their visitors.

Unsurprisingly, the minimum and maximum price filters are among the most frequently used search filters, with $500,000 being the most common minimum price and $600,000 being the third most common maximum price. Visitors also frequently use filters for the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, land size, and property type, with residential properties being the most popular.

When it comes to keywords, "waterfront" is by far the most commonly searched term, accounting for 43.1% of searches. Other popular keywords include "garage" and "pool." As for the geographic areas that visitors are searching for properties in, Belleville, Ontario is the top search term, followed by variations such as "Belleville, ON."

REALTOR.ca also shared data on the demographics of their visitors searching for properties in Belleville. The majority of visitors fall into the 25-64 age range, with those aged 55-64 making up the largest percentage. Female visitors slightly outnumber male visitors, and the majority of visitors are repeat buyers.

In terms of usage behavior, the majority of visitors are using mobile phones to view listings, with only a small percentage using desktop computers or tablets. When it comes to social media sharing, mobile devices are also the most common devices used for sharing listings on platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Overall, this data provides some interesting insights into what people are searching for when looking for properties in Belleville. Whether you're a repeat buyer, a first-time buyer, or a residential or commercial investor, it's helpful to know what your fellow REALTOR.ca visitors are looking for. And who knows - maybe this data will inspire you to consider a waterfront property with a garage and a pool!

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