Urban Development Update: Belleville’s New Subdivision Proposals and Zoning Amendments

Belleville is undergoing significant transformations with several proposed zoning and official plan amendments, aiming to foster urban development and create vibrant communities. Here’s an easy-to-follow overview of the ongoing changes in the city’s landscape.

1. Hanley Park North Subdivision: A Closer Look

The Hanley Park North Subdivision proposal has been revised. Initially, it planned for 156 dwelling units, but the new proposal scales it down to 103. Located at Part of Lot 14, Concession 1, the new blueprint seeks to create 74 single-detached and 29 townhouse units while preserving the natural heritage and adding open spaces for parks and walkways.

2. 174 Maitland Drive: From Commercial to Residential

The plot at 174 Maitland Drive is undergoing a makeover. The plan is to change its official land use from commercial to residential. It will feature a mix of 36 single-detached dwellings, 23 townhomes, and 38 back-to-back townhome units. Plus, there will be spaces dedicated to a stormwater pond and recreational open areas.

3. Highway 37 & Black Diamond Road: Introducing the New Fairgrounds

A city-initiated amendment is underway to pave the way for new fairgrounds, an industrial park, and a stormwater management facility at this location. It’s a significant step towards enhancing community facilities and infrastructure.

4. 221 Bell Boulevard: Expanding Residential Spaces

This location is set to see an increase in building height and floor area, converting part of the commercial land to residential use. The changes will enable the construction of more spacious and comfortable living units, enhancing the residential appeal of the area.

5. 40 Wilson Avenue: A Blend of Residential and Open Spaces

The rezoning at 40 Wilson Avenue is geared towards accommodating both residential and open spaces. The new designations will support the construction of various residential units while ensuring that open, green spaces are integral to the community's design.

6. Wallbridge-Loyalist Road: A New Single Detached Dwelling

An official plan amendment is in the works to convert a portion of the community facility land to residential use. This change will facilitate the development of a new single detached dwelling, adding to the diversity of housing options in the area.

7. 366 Farnham Road: Rural to Low Density Residential

The rural residential zone is proposed to be converted to low and medium density residential zones. This change aligns with the ongoing urban development and will offer more housing options to meet the growing demand.

8. 25 and 363 Front Street: Combining Commercial and Residential

The proposals for these locations aim to convert portions of the ground floor into residential units while maintaining commercial frontages. It’s a blend that promises vibrancy and diversity, adding life and energy to the streets of Belleville.

9. Public Participation in the Planning Process

Despite changes in the Ontario Planning Act, public participation remains integral. Residents can make written submissions to the Council, ensuring that their voices are heard in shaping the future of Belleville.

Wrapping Up

Belleville is on the cusp of significant transformations, each proposal and amendment painting a picture of a city that balances residential, commercial, and open spaces. It’s a holistic approach aiming to create a Belleville that’s not just about buildings and roads but about communities, green spaces, and people.

For more information or to participate in the ongoing developments, residents can reach out to the Policy Planning Division at the Engineering and Development Services Department located on 169 Front Street, Belleville, or call 613-967-3288.

Stay tuned for more updates, and together, let’s witness and contribute to the unfolding of a new chapter in Belleville’s urban development journey.