Talko Tuesday: August 2021 Quinte Real Estate Report

It’s Tour Tuesday and the team discusses what happening locally and the August Real Estate Market


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How is everybody. The long weekend. What did everybody do. There are new pop ups down at Zwick’s. Yes. If you haven’t had a chance to do that yet, there’s some great vendors down there and all the different, like it’s a whole variety of different types of food.

Yep. We also have the market report this week.

This is all areas in the county area. OK, and this is for July of 2021. We are down in listings over July of last year to this year by thirty three and a half percent. So to give you an idea, in twenty twenty we had four hundred and six listings this year, we had two hundred and seventy. Our average sales over all areas last year was three eighty two in this year for seventy nine.

So we’re up 25 percent now. So I’m going to break it down a little bit for a couple of areas for you. I’m going to do Balbo Point West and Prince Edward County. So again, listings down 41 percent. We have ninety two listings on the market, all price categories. You have to remember that this is Ambarvale average sales price. Ambarvale was four hundred thousand last year and this year it’s five hundred and twenty thousand. So we’re up at twenty nine point seven six percent.

We’re seeing a few more homes coming on right now so that’s positive and we’re going to see that change for the fall where we have it’s more of a typical summer now that we have. So for the fall we will see some increases. Quincy West, right now we have listings. Last year we had turned six. This year we have 81. The average sales price was 404. And we’re up five hundred and forty eight thousand Prince Edward County listings.

Last year we had one hundred and sixty six. This year we have eighty nine and average sales price in the county. Last year was five sixty eight in this year, seven hundred and forty nine thousand. So you can see we’ve seen some big changes over this past year and we still are expecting to see some more increases as well for the fall and we’re expecting to have a pretty busy fall market. So if you have any questions, please let us know.

We’re happy to answer them. If you are thinking of selling, now is the time to have us out so that we can get you ready for the full market to make sure your position properly.

So if anybody out there is, they have a house that is in need of a lot of repair and they want to sell it without doing those repairs, we have some investors that are looking. And so we have the opportunity that, yeah, you don’t have to do the repairs. Yes, absolutely. We just did that for somebody.

The market is starting to come up. Time to time to start thinking about what you might need to do to get market ready to do that ahead of time, get us in so we can we can help you with that and let you know we can bring our stager in as well. And they can give you an idea. Right, so that your your tip top shape for your best dollar.

Take August to be ready for the fall market because our fall market, we are expecting to pop. Yeah. When its kids are back to school. So usually when things start to get busy again. That’s right. After Labor Day and Labor Day I think is a little bit later this time, I think it’s around a six or something like that. Kids don’t start until the night. They think, oh, wow. Oh, and do you know if they’re going back to school for sure.

Well, I hope so, yes, I hope so. They have some summer camp options this year, like a golf camp at Black Bear. Rich Nice. We had a great time. Beautiful course. Yeah. So they and he and his buddies had a great time and got to learn how to use new clubs and. Have you been out with them since he’s done. We have not.

We’re going to have to go and see how he does. He’s going to be out driving me. Has anybody been to the beach yet? I so want a beach day yet.

Yeah, I’d actually love to hear what people say because. Because it’s supposed to be really busy and you have to do this reservation process and the whole bit. And we haven’t we haven’t needed to do that yet. So if anybody has had that experience, let us know down below, because I would be really curious to know.