Tour Tuesday and the Covid Way

Team 0:01
It’s Tour Tuesday!

Tara Lyons 0:04
Might be a little bit delayed.

Tom Lyons 0:09
It’s still Tuesday. We’re not touring homes.

Julie 0:12
No, no tours. It’s not raining yet.

Tara Lyons 0:21
So of course it’s not raining because we’re not out! So it’s been interesting times. I hope everybody’s doing well and surviving the COVID-19 isolation.

Tom Lyons 0:36
Looks like they’re opening some stuff up again.

Tara Lyons 0:39
Yeah, that looks like you’re going to be doing that in another couple weeks and start doing that slowly.

Tom Lyons 0:43
Jeremy, our person that you got introduced to last week, he’s able to start looking at our drafts again.

Tara Lyons 0:53
We have a new listing 2145 Blessington Road. And it’s a great bungalow with three bedrooms on the main level, a bedroom downstairs, it’s got a nice open concept with a big kitchen and eating area. All kinds of updates on this home from the septic to furnace to some flooring and paint and all kinds of, basement being redone. So it’s really great. It’s got an attached two and a half car garage and it’s also got an outbuilding, which is, it’s a huge outbuilding. You can see the dimensions on the listing. And, but it’s great for a workshop or storage or whatever it is you want it there. So in this country setting minutes to the 401, it’s excellent. Take a look at that..

Julie 1:37
New deck and fenced yard.. For the kiddos and the pets!

Tara Lyons 1:43
So pretty, nice country setting. So yeah, take a look at that. Lots of listings that they do take a little bit longer to sell just so y’all know. Because we have a lot fewer buyers right now. So because we’re just dealing with essentials. Our buyer group is very minimal. So, buying is still happening just slower. But hopefully we’ll be able to start opening things up too you in a few weeks and get more listings on as well. And then you’ll see both buyers and sellers lots going.

Julie 2:21

Tara Lyons 2:22
Yeah, interest rates, still things staying the same is still really nice and low. Anything else?

Tom Lyons 2:28
I don’t think so. I mean, just hang tight really. It’s really the word of the week, the month.

Tara Lyons 2:37
Even when things do open up, we’re still going to be doing things the probably more I call it the “COVID Way”.

Julie 2:43
I was just gonna say that!

Tara Lyons 2:44
We’ll do it the “COVID Way”. So you’ll still see social distancing. You’ll still see restrictions on how we do showings and how many people are allowed in the home. So don’t be surprised by that just we probably expect to see that towards right through to the end of the year and potentially into the next flu season. Because we may see that resurge again, right? So don’t be surprised when we still ask you to fill out the COVID forms because we do have to ask those questions. And yeah, so paperwork, email all ahead of time.

Julie 3:18
Same with the live open houses that will continue on it’ll be you know, our Facebook Live. So stay tuned for details on the Blessington Road one, because we will have that coming up next week sometime.

Tara Lyons 3:32
And don’t be surprised that we don’t go back to open houses for some time. Live, like meeting up in person..

Tom Lyons 3:39
In person. Yeah, it’ll be a while before that happens.

Tara Lyons 3:44
Yeah. But actually, I have to tell you, we’ve had great engagement with our live open houses.

Julie 3:49
Absolutely. It’s all the stuff that you know, you hope to give that information and I hope and I was but when it’s busy with a lot of people, sometimes it’s hard to give everybody all of the information. So, you know, everybody gets all the details and it’s, it’s, it’s different, but it’s kind of fun.

Tara Lyons 4:09
And it’s kind of neat because you can just keep you can go back and rewatch it if you need to. Right. So it’s been it’s good, it’s fun. Okay, well, I think that’s everything. We’ll keep it nice and short this week and certainly if you have any questions, especially during these times, if you need to chat, if you want to chat, wanna hear about the market, call Julie, call myself, we’re here to answer your questions.. Email, text, we’re available. Alright, well..

Team 4:31
Tour Tuesday out!