Tour Tuesday and the Fast Tour

Team 0:01
It’s Tour Tuesday!

Tara Lyons 0:06
So there’s a little lag..

Tom Lyons 0:09
We’re not in sync like normal.

Tara Lyons 0:12
We have a great information session for you from one of our local banks that will also be out. You can go check out that link. Talks about different things that are available for you financially.

Tom Lyons 0:22
We’re not in pajamas yet.

Tara Lyons 0:24
We are not. We are still doing real estate. We’re trying to work with just essential people right now. So we do have a new home that’s come on.

Julie 0:34
We have one beautiful East End sought after location so it’s 2 Bradley Crescent. Price is $399,900, so watch for more info on that. It’s a three bedroom, raised bungalow with walkout basement. Built in one car garage, fully fenced yard, lovely landscaping, interlock brick. Great little cul de sac street. So stay tuned for virtual open house info, because that will be coming as well.

Tara Lyons 1:07
Excellent. You can check out our website for other homes that we have as well. And then of course, our local site . We’re hoping everybody staying safe out there. You’re only going out when you have to. We have all kinds of ways to show you the houses that we do have listed between videos and photos and, we had a buyer the other day who did a drive by on it. We had permission for him to go walk on the property and peek in the windows to decide if it was something he wanted to actually go into see. So we’re doing a lot of things to try and make sure that we are staying safe for everybody.

Julie 1:47
Make sure you have permission to do that though. Don’t just go do it on your own please. What’s going on in there?

Tara Lyons 2:03
Very good point. We absolutely had permission. And we even texted before he just before he arrived so and texted when he left. So people knew when he was on the property. So, okay! We’re gonna keep it nice and short. We know everybody’s got a lot going on and we’re gonna say..

Team 2:24
Tour Tuesday out!