Tour Tuesday and the Zoom

Team 0:00
It’s Tour Tuesday!

Tara Lyons 0:12
So there’s River. She’s part of this. She’s like, why am I not part of this? So lots of changes going on right now. We had a really great company wide meeting this morning with Royal LePage.

Tom Lyons 0:23
Yep. All on Zoom. All virtually like this. We like this.

Tara Lyons 0:28
We’re gonna start off by saying, Yes, we are an essential service. But we are an essential service for people who have to buy and sell right now. So for the next week, we’ve already been a week doing this, for the next week, and it’s probably going to be extended maybe for the next three weeks. That’s how we’re working. So it is social distancing. It is self isolation. We are showing homes, no longer face to face unless absolutely essential. Meaning we do everything by video. When we do go to show the house we need to have gloves and masks and if not masks, then we’re covering with scarves and gel of course. So lots of roles which we can get into should you have to buy yourself.

Tom Lyons 1:20
The key here is if you don’t have to move, just wait it out a while.

Julie 1:28
Need versus want. Need to move versus want to move.

Tom Lyons 1:32
There are people, I get it, there are people that have have to move, right. And that’s what we’re here for. So if you essentially have to move, we are here for you as an essential service. But we’re asking for the sake of our clients, the sake of the public and the sake of our team. If you don’t have to, then stay home and we have virtual tours. So you can still see the homes. We have photos. We have all sorts of great stuff up there. Julie’s been doing virtual open houses.

Tara Lyons 2:02
So having said that we do have two new listings 54 Pats Lane, which is a really great property down in the county over if anybody knows what a skyway bridge over off 49 is. And it’s a beautiful waterfront property, it’s a bungalow, and it’s got a big detached two car garage. And it’s an open concept on the inside. It’s a two bedroom. Beautiful views of the water. So if you’re looking for waterfront definitely check that out on and we have another one at 336 Bridge Street, West in Belleville. And that is a bungalow as well with all kinds of updates from flooring to painting to fixtures to bathrooms a whole new finished basement. two bedrooms up one down and three bathrooms. So that’s got a single attached garage too. So check that out on and Julie’s actually doing a virtual tour.

Julie 3:01
Yeah, Facebook Live open house on that one on Thursday from 12:30 to 1 o’clock so check out our I love Belleville Facebook page for that.

Tara Lyons 3:12
So and of course, we’ve got the dollhouse for both of those as well. So you can go and do the 360 tour on those listings, too. So that’s pretty awesome. Interest rates, interest rates are around, what was it 2.45 or 2.65, I think was the other one. It just depends.

Tom Lyons 3:32
So something that a lot of people don’t realize with interest rates is like, we see that the Bank of Canada dropped their interest rate down to .25. And the assumption is that impacts mortgage rates, but it doesn’t. Mortgage rates are set by the bond rate, not by the Bank of Canada. Right. And so that’s why we’re seeing mortgage rates at 2.45. When in the past, we’ve seen 2.39. Right? They actually went up a little bit, right as opposed to down but we still expect them to either stay where they are.

Tara Lyons 4:00
Under 3% is incredible. Either way, it’s good. The banks are working with people. And so talk to your bank. If you need somebody, we can certainly refer you to somebody to help you through. Everybody’s banding together around the world. I mean, this is what we need to do. This is how we need to get through this epidemic that we’re going through and it’s talking and we’re here to talk you through to help you find solutions. And and get through this environment.

Tom Lyons 4:38
We have a lot of information coming our way. So if you have questions just fire off. We have the information coming in on small business support. We have information coming in on on employee information and wage subsidies. We’re happy to share that with you. Obviously, we’re not the experts in that area. But we have the information flowing to us because it impacts ourselves that impacts our clients. So just yeah, fire up question we’re happy to help.

Tara Lyons 5:04
These are trying times for a lot of people. Have patience, have empathy, have compassion for people. If they’re short tempered, I mean this is trying times for everybody so we want to make sure that we are supportive of each other and, in having to do what we have to do still and what our healthcare system has to do and kudos to them for what they’re doing, especially with limited supplies. So we just need to support each other. So it is a different Tour Tuesday with the self isolation.

Tom Lyons 5:44
Expect these for a little while.

Tara Lyons 5:48
We’re not out driving around and going through people’s houses, we are not doing open houses we are not doing tour we are not even in our offices. They are closed to the public. They are open only to our administration staff who are diligently getting listings and offers in place that have to be done. And also, you’re going to learn technology. You’re fortunate because Team Tara Lyons have been doing technology for a long time!

Tom Lyons 6:16
Doing this for a long time. We’ve been working remotely for a long time. We’ve been doing a lot of this stuff that that’s necessary today for a long time. So this is a lot of ways businesses usual. Right? It’s business cautiously.

Tara Lyons 6:29
Yes. And there are some services to us that we used to use for our businesses that are closed down for the next two weeks too. So be understanding of that when we have to change some of the things that we do as well.

Julie 6:44
So adapt and move forward!

Tara Lyons 6:47
That’s right. We will come through this. And we’re going come through this especially our community is incredible. Our whole Quinte area is incredible! And we will come through this together and hopefully in a short period of time. So stay safe, stay self isolated.

Julie 7:08
Stay home!

Tara Lyons 7:09
Stay home! And just like River, take a nap!

Team 7:22
Tour Tuesday out!