Tour Tuesday and the Honey

It’s tour Tuesday and we’re dropping off a little surprise for our clients. you can also listen to the podcast here:

0:00 It’s TourTuesday. And we’re in the office today.

0:05 It’s the day we don’t tour home so you don’t need to Julian I went into one

0:11 I did not tour homes because I was touring a septic system. But you know what? I’m doing a huge shout out to Tex and Quinte Septic He was awesome. And yeah, I highly recommend him and his team.

0:36 I’d like to do a shout out to to Ken

0:40 Oh Ken jacket. Yeah. I love him.

0:44 He does a great job.

0:45 Great job for us. Thank you.

0:47 Yeah, that was out there at a home inspection with him the other day and good job. We’re, we’re looking at plumbing and looking at wiring and looking at roofing and all the good stuff. Anything going on? Yeah.

1:06 Yeah. So this is the time of year. We’re really excited because we are going to be bringing your calendar. So you’re going to get to see us hopefully if you’re not we’ll send you a video of us dropping it off at your house. Yeah.

1:19 Do you want to sit? Do you want to see what what’s going on? See, we’ve got these.

1:24 What’s it say, Tom?

1:25 It says, clients like you are sweeter than honey!

1:32 We like to support the people that support us by giving a thank you. Yeah, an extra special thing. You’ve given us referrals about this year.

1:41 Dropping them off that sort of idea. So So anyway, we’re going to try and get around everybody to no promises. So if for some reason we miss you, just just let us know. Maybe it was timing, maybe it was weather, maybe 100 things that could happen. Very So anyway.

1:56 Just keep track of where all the referrals from everyone so I’ll be missing Yeah, that’s it right. So yeah, absolutely.

2:03 So yeah Other than that, we’re all getting ready for Christmas because that’s coming up super fast. And so we’re excited about that which is some Christmas shopping. How many people are done them Christmas shopping.

2:20 Who has two thumbs and is not done his Christmas shopping.

2:29 Adorable she has a new little harness. She’s been super cute

2:38 Anything else nothing strange happening with market it’s December. December’s December,

2:44 December quiets down now until after

2:49 January, right the snows here.

3:02 And it is true

3:10 Tour Tuesday out!