Tour Tuesday and the Forgotten SD Card

Team 0:00
It’s Tour Tuesday forget to put the SD card in the GoPro. We have to use iPhone it’s that day.

Julie 0:09
Excuse the bumpiness.

Tom Lyons 0:13
Because Julie has to hold up the phone and we’re going to make it short today.

Tara Lyons 0:18
Interest rates are on the way down and continuing in that direction.

Tom Lyons 0:21
We went to the Richard Robbins conference to find great ideas for our clients.

Julie 0:29
Met lots of different Realtors from all across the country.

Tara Lyons 0:31
So if you are moving anywhere we can help you.

Tom Lyons 0:44
That was it! Yay!

Tour Tuesday OUT!!