Tour Tuesday and the Market Update

Team 0:05
It’s Tour Tuesday!

Tara Lyons 0:07
The day we don’t get to tour your homes, and you don’t either!

Julie 0:09
No, nobody gets to tour.

Tara Lyons 0:11
So we have a couple of things. We had an Ask Me Anything online office duty and it went really great. We had great questions, we had a great turn out. And we’re going to continue that. So we’re going to have another one next week. We’ll send them an announcement.. and then then then then then.. Batman!

Tom Lyons 0:38
Well, let everybody know.

Julie 0:42
We did that on Facebook.

Tara Lyons 0:47
Yes, we did that on Facebook. And yeah, our next one’s gonna be on May 19th at 6:30 in the evening. We thought, especially for those that are still out there working, they may want to get an update as well. What’s happening with the market and with COVID. So, we will do that.

Tom Lyons 1:04
And we have a private one coming up for AList. Client, past client, client only. Right? So look for your invitation for that this coming Friday.

Tara Lyons 1:14
That’s going to be on Friday the 15th. And that’s going to be at 4pm. So you’ll see the invitation out for you on that. And that again, is we’re going to be giving you an update as well and answering some questions and it can get more individual with you in your homes. We also had some stats, this is quite interesting. So for Belleville, these are the entire Quinte board. This is not just Royal LePage. This is all companies and this is for the last 30 days. And this is residentials. Okay, so residentials only, and this is in Belleville. So there were 32 sales. Just to give you an idea, in 2019 Same time period from January to April, there was 183 sales. This year from January to April, there was 167 deals. And those the majority, you can see we’re near the beginning. And in the last 30 days, we were in 32 sales. And pricing has also come down. It’s kind of what we’ve been saying about. I don’t like to see what that percentage was. But somewhere between $5000 – $6,000 off list price basically is what is coming in, in around. So we’ve seen a decrease in pricing. Which is the first time we’ve seen that this year, was over the last 7 to 10 days.

Tom Lyons 2:43
And we’ll put a caveat on it because that’s still like a 1% change sort of idea or one and a half percent change. With so few sales of only 32. It only takes a couple to skew the number one way or the other. So we’re still waiting to get good solid data on price changing.

Tara Lyons 3:03
And overall, what we can say is we’re seeing a lot of price reductions now. Not seen that in the last several years. So that’s the other part of it. We’re also seeing homes that are being taken off the market and brought back on at new pricing. So that’s the other aspect that we look at as your realtor. And we say pricing is changing. Because we’ve got several factors we’re looking at. So even though the stats are saying maybe it’s just about a 1% decrease, we are taking other factors in.

Julie 3:39
Yeah, and that’s not all price points, like anything under $300,000 like this one this weekend that had 10 offers on it. Right? So anything under $300k is still pretty strong.

Tara Lyons 3:54
But anything over $450k – $500k very slow. Anything over $800k, we’ve had one sale over $800k in the last 30 days.

Tom Lyons 4:08
Yeah, exactly. So you really do need, you can’t just take this, any of the stats that we’ve tossed out here at face value. We’ve said it before talk to us, that’s what we’re here for, is to answer those questions and for your home in your specific neighborhood, within your price range, could be a completely different answer than somebody else. So you really do need to talk to us.

Tara Lyons 4:31
I’m actually going to say our value in this kind of market has gone up a lot. Because we really need to factor in so many things. It’s no longer general. It is very, very specific. And things are changing every week. So call us.

Tom Lyons 4:50
Call us.. call me, maybe.

Tara Lyons 4:57
We have some properties to talk about.

Julie 5:03
I’ll go first. So we’ve got a great little house up in Kaladar. It’s 113048 Highway 7, right in the Village of Kaladar. It’s listed for $249,900. It’s a 4 bedroom, 1 bath, one and a half story. Tons of updates: windows, furnace, kitchen.. It’s a great little house. So check that one out. We’re doing a Facebook Live Open House on that one on Thursday from 3:30pm to 4pm. So tune in for that.

Tara Lyons 5:37
If you don’t know where Kaladar is, all you have to do is think of Bon Echo.

Julie 5:41
Yeah, exactly. The last turns before Bon Echo.

Tara Lyons 5:47
It was always the symbol “we are almost there”. It’s a great spot and it seen some growth there.

Julie 5:55
We’ve got another one, East end Belleville. It’s 2 Bradley Crescent. It’s listed for $399,900. It’s a raised bungalow or high ranch or whatever you want to call it so many different terms. It’s got 3 bedrooms on the main floor and a bathroom. And then it’s got a walk out basement in a 3-piece bath. Really great neighborhood, cul de sac. Sits on a corner, on a cul de sac. Great in-law suite potential on that one. So that’s a great house too. We’ve got the Facebook Live available on that one already. And then we’ve got 89 County Road 1 in Prince Edward County. And it’s listed for $524,900. And it is again a raised bungalow, and it’s got a huge attached garage and a big detached workshop. 3 bedrooms on the main floor, 2 downstairs, great house. It’s got potential for like a home-based business. So lots of good space on that one. It’s about just over an acre lot. And yeah, then there’s a Facebook Live available on that one as well.

Tara Lyons 7:11
Yep. Lovely Prince Edward County!

Julie 7:13
Yeah! We got all the territory covered, we’ve got Kaladar, Belleville..

Tara Lyons 7:17
But wait, we have more! Another one down in Prince Edward County: 1223 Massassauga Road, it’s on the water. Huge, huge home! It would be perfect for an investment property because they do actually have tenants in there. And they make a little over $5,000 a month right now with their tenants. But there are 10 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms. It’s a spectacular home, the waterfront.. Lots of updates on that home and it’s actually right close to the Massassauga Point Conservation Area. So we do have loads of photos on there for you to go and take a look at that. We have another one on 2145 Blessington Road. This is a really great spot out in the country. They have a really big workshop in the back and I know lots of people are looking for that and there’s a couple of fenced in areas as well. Which is perfect for the animals, dogs and the kids.. or animals! And yeah, so you know that they’re protected with the fenced in areas. Great new deck, all kinds of updates on this home. The basement was completely redone. And it’s got 3 bedrooms on the main level and a nice open kitchen concept there as well. That’s a beautiful home to take a look at. We have the Facebook Live on that one as well. And then we have our last one here. 2298 Moira Road. This is a really beautiful property on 65 acres just north of Belleville and this one has, it’s a big home. It’s a beautiful two story home. But it also has really nice outbuildings it’s got a attached double car garage but it’s got a detached 2 and a half car garage as well. And then it has another outbuilding it used to be used as dog kennels. So you could do that again but it also make a great home office for anybody looking for that. Because it does have a separate entrance. It’s detached from the house. The house itself also has a really nice office too that has its own separate door that could be used as a home based office there as well. Yeah, but this is a beautiful home hardwood floors, lots of beautiful moulding throughout the home that’s been added. Wood fireplaces that are all updated and it’s got an in ground pool too, can’t forget the inground pool and hot tub! I think Julie would love to say that “don’t forget the pool!” A new converted saltwater pool. But then it’s also got beautiful trails on the 65 acres. So it’s got a couple fields in that but also beautiful tree area..

Tom Lyons 10:12
And the big backyard’s all fenced in too, right? Again, if you have kids, you don’t them wandering off or anything like that they’re fenced in.

Tara Lyons 10:20
And it’s separated from the pool area. So you can actually keep them away from the pool area and still have a nice place for playing and all that as well. Yeah, so we have some really great listings. We have some more coming up too. So stay tuned to that. We’re still selling and we’re still working with sellers and buyers and getting things sold..

Team 10:53
Tuesday Tuesday out!