Tour Tuesday and the Missing Julie

It’s a beautiful Tuesday but Julie is not around for today. ­čś▓ 00:04 Tour Tuesday, a beautiful day! Right in the middle of fall market. 00:48 We have a really great property at 1407 County Rd 3. 01:45 2298 Moira Road, gorgeous home you would love to see. 02:09 305 Bethel Road, wonderful bungalow home. 02:40 137 Clear Lane, pretty home along the river. 03:14 We also have a 40 acre, 533 Crowe Road 03:33 We are getting sales on The Pinnacle. 04:28 We sold home in 4 days! It is a very busy month for everyone. If you think of selling, don’t miss the market. 05:16 We will be announcing the winner next week for DooherÔÇÖs Donut contest! ­čŹę