Tour Tuesday and the Lower House Price

00:03 It’s Tour Tuesday and we are touring homes.
00:37 Interest rates, went up a bit. Still at sub 3! If you are thinking of buying this is the right time.
01:10 We listed a home, 259 Sherry house but we already sold and will complete next week.
02:01 We’ve got 11 homes on tour today.
02:34 We saw some house price decreases on the last preriod but it is not because the market slowed down.
03:28 We have lots of homes listed, check it on our website


Tom Lyons 0:00
It’s Tour Tuesday, the day River Tours homes so you don’t need to.

She doesn’t know. She just sits in the car. She says hi to everybody wakes her tail.

Tom Lyons 0:15
And for those that are concerned about me in the car, we never take her if it’s too hot and she’s never in the car for more than five minutes on our own.

Tara Lyons 0:27
Literally really bring her on the days where it’s comfortable.

Tom Lyons 0:31
She gets accosted by the other realtors.

What’s going on? Let’s see. Interest rates.

Tara Lyons 0:39
Interest rates went up a bit.

Tom Lyons 0:41
Yeah, just tiny bit.

Tara Lyons 0:42
So if you had like 2.59% they went to 2.64%

Tom Lyons 0:47
I think we saw 2.79% the other day but they’re floating around that are still sub three, which is incredible.

Yeah, they’re still amazing. Yeah,

Tara Lyons 0:54
But I did hear they were supposed to go up again. So if you are thinking of buying, this is the time to do it.

Tom Lyons 1:01
Do it. Yeah. Super busy fall has taken off with full force.

Tara Lyons 1:07
We listed two houses last week, we promised you that we would tell you about it. But we sold it. 259 Sherry Road. Big shout out to our clients there. And we said we would is a gorgeous waterfront property. We got competing offers. And it is conditional. So should something happened we’ll let you know. But otherwise we should have us all next week.

Tom Lyons 1:26
Is the count as a shout out if you don’t actually mean who they are.

Tara Lyons 1:30
Well, I said I would mention their address. Okay.

Big shout out to their house 259 Sherry Road.

Love that house beautiful bungalow. They did a great job getting it ready for the market, which is why we got competing offers. That’s right.

Tom Lyons 1:44
What else?

other than big market and some listings, and obviously the Pinnacle is still fantastic.

Tara Lyons 1:53
We sold another one of our clients houses without bringing it on the market. Yeah, that one was over the list price.

Tom Lyons 2:00
That was crazy.

Tara Lyons 2:01
Yep. So that was exciting. That was 511. Victoria Road. Shout out to you too.

Tom Lyons 2:06
Yep. And we’re back.

Little place on cascade.

Tara Lyons 2:12
Interesting. You can always tell when it’s a full market or a spring market, because we get lots of homes now. So we’ve got 11 homes on tour today shows the the changing of the times which we’ve been saying where we’re starting to see more inventory. Come on.

Tom Lyons 2:25
Yeah, you get that one week past, past school starting up and it just explodes. Yeah. Which is pretty, pretty typical,

Unknown Speaker 2:32
a lot more inventory for the buyers, which is excellent.

Tom Lyons 2:35
We saw a decrease in house prices this last last period. But not because the market is slowed down more because just the type of homes that had come on the market. Yeah, lower priced homes that come on the market. So it makes this appearance as if the prices were dropping, or the market was slowing, but it actually was not. So if you see those stats, just be aware of how they can get skewed. And what I think it was like 298 was the number was just under

Unknown Speaker 3:06

  1. Where’s it was three 335 right? Yeah, yeah.

Tom Lyons 3:12
Yeah. When all of the all of the 30 low stuff was kicking in just north of town. That was that was kicking prices up pretty high. Yeah. But their inventory is gone. And and now we have we have different areas of town that have been incurred. So changes.

Tara Lyons 3:33
I think we’re pulling for the fall. So lots of homes to come on the market.

Tom Lyons 3:36
Tour Tuesday Out!