Tour Tuesday and The Sick Tara

Team 0:00
It’s Tour Tuesday!

Tom Lyons 0:03
The day we tour stinky home see you don’t need to!

Julie 0:06
Stinky home tour today!

Tom Lyons 0:09
Stinky home tour today. One with smoke smell one with a dog smell one with a food smell that we couldn’t quite identify. But nice homes.

Julie 0:22

Tom Lyons 0:23
Yeah so that’s not a problem and you can always find a way to get rid of it. A little bit of a stinky.

Julie 0:29
Yeah, we got five houses on tour today which is more than we’ve had for a little while.

Tom Lyons 0:35
For a little what was it last week one or something like that?

You were in Cuba!

Tara sick today.

Julie 0:45
Poor Tara.

Tom Lyons 0:46
She was in Cuba last week.

Julie 0:48
Yeah. Next week you guys are away.

Tom Lyons 0:51
Next week we’re away sooner or later we’ll get the whole gang together but

Julie 0:57
Oh dear!

Tom Lyons 0:59
What else is has been going on? That’s about that’s, we had the movie event.

Julie 1:04
Did you come? Did we see you?

That was so good. It was such a good movie Secret Life of Pets Two. So funny!

Tom Lyons 1:12
We were told afterwards that a lot of people didn’t get their invites.

Julie 1:15
Oh, no!

Tom Lyons 1:16
Yeah. So because after the movie event, a lot of people got a hold of us. So, again, the rule is, the movie event’s almost always in, always in early February, late January.

Julie 1:27

Tom Lyons 1:28
So if for some reason you don’t get your notification from us, please, please let us know. We mail them out. We mail at the same date

Julie 1:35
Or drop them off

Tom Lyons 1:36
Or dropped them off. So you get the RSVP. We send two emails out as well. To try and make sure that that you guys get them but somehow things always slip through the cracks. So never, never feel shy about asking us because we want you to come we do a movie for you guys. Anyway, Secrete Life of Pets Two. Lots of fun.

Julie 1:57
Super funny.

Tom Lyons 1:58
Yes. Very funny!

Julie 2:00
Must watch it! Especially if you have a cat, they portray the cats perfectly. Absolutely perfect!

It was good time!

Tom Lyons 2:10
It was a good time. What else is going on?

January so actually I’m surprised that we have so many homes on tour for February too.

Julie 2:26
It’s also on February. I did want to mention the Hastings County downpayment assistance program.

They will be working on updating their application for 2020. Usually it’s slight adjustments on the income requirements of the house and purchase price. So, if you’re thinking about utilizing that program, now’s the time to get your pre-approval so that you’re ready to roll when that form comes out. And so you can take advantage of that great down payment assistance program. If you have any questions, reach out to me and I can answer anything that you need.

Tom Lyons 3:13
Then there’s the Federal one too right? That’s out there too. So don’t forget about that a little bit different programs require more of a down payment for it but it still assists which is really nice. So don’t don’t be shy about asking that.

That might be it.

Hi to Tara!

Julie 3:37
Feel better!

Tom Lyons 3:37
Sorry you’re sick, feel better!

Team 3:37
Tour Tuesday out!