Tour Tuesday and Scuba Blake

It’s Tour Tuesday, the day tara fixes my hair, because I look like Sonic the Hedgehog

And we’re all in the same place, but we’re still social distancing.

It’s a very wide angle.

It was a very wide angle. You can see all of us.

It was our anniversary.

It was our twenty eighth years and Tara is an Angel.

Twenty Eight years.

I can’t argue with that.

She’s pretty good at putting up with me for twenty eight years, but I surprise her every day.

Ok Sonic!

And it’s Julie’s anniversary tomorrow.


Another one here.

Just trying to do the math, 14 years after 13 years,

Meh! 13, 14, 15, lots more together.

This feels like a lifetime, that feels like a lifetime.

So what’s going on?
Well, we have to ask Julie.

We’ve been away.

You know, it’s a little bit quieter right now.

People are enjoying the last couple of weeks of summer holidays and right now, lots of people on holidays.

So you’ve got your home on the market.
Don’t panic.

Yeah, it always slows down this time of year before Labour Day weekend because the kids are also getting ready for school.


And that’s happening a lot right now as well.

And they’ve got parents have extra stuff to get ready because of covid.

So we’ll see it pick back up after Labour Day.

Yeah, first week after kids are back to school, we hit what’scalled our fall market.

Yeah, very strong market.

So so it’s it’s coming.

We’re expecting that still to happen here, even though with the crazy.

But it’s true.


But not much else going on.

In the real estate world there’s still some multiple offers happening, you know, especially under that $325,000.

Yes, absolutely.

So, yes, the fall market is coming.

You have a couple of weeks.

Get us in now.

And so that we have time to bring in the stager, we have time to get everything done.

You have time to fix anything that needs to be fixed so that it can go on and catch that market so you don’t lose a week or two of the market while it’s going on.

Yeah, well, yeah.

Well, have a great new listing up next week.

So let’s tell you about that next Tuesday.


I’ll put the links in for the properties we have on the market right now.

Yeah, we’re very short on listing.

Sorry, it’s been a while since we’ve only had a couple listings, but they’ve just been selling, so that’s positive.

River killed a squirrel.

We don’t know that, we actually have falsely accused our dog.

It’s all circumstantial evidence, wherever River likes to lie, there was a dead squirrel.

Well, not quite.

I had to finish it off, sadly.

Actually it could have fallen from the tree.

It could have fallen from the tree.

I like to think that because of the storm, it maybe got struck by lightning.

See, that’s like due process.

This is why due process is important.

You can’t just look at circumstantial evidence because it’s not fair.

We don’t want to falsely accuse her of killing a squirrel.

She’s done chipmunks.

She’s just a Shishon.

I think that might be short Tour Tuesday this week.

Tour Tuesday OUT!

And we were in sync

Sweet Tara Lyons, la la la.