Tour Tuesday and Scuba Blake

[00:00:00.960] – Team Tara Lyons
It’s Tour Tuesday!

[00:00:06.420] – Tom Lyons
In perfect sync!

[00:00:08.670] – Tara Lyons
Yeah, we never are with Zoom.

[00:00:11.090] – Tom Lyons
No, I should actually break the video up and get us all synced up, line it all up so that it’s.. all the audio is correct.

[00:00:22.050] – Tara Lyons
So we had some good news on the mortgage front. The stress test has been lowered.

[00:00:29.340] – Tom Lyons
Yeah, it dropped down. It went from 4.94 down to 4.79.

[00:00:33.550] – Tara Lyons
Pretty incredible!

[00:00:34.560] – Tom Lyons
A couple more thousand dollars.. That means that people can qualify for it. That’s awesome!

[00:00:38.620] – Tara Lyons
Yeah. So all you first time homebuyers out there. Pretty cool! Well, it’s everybody, not just first time homebuyers!

[00:00:45.960] – Tom Lyons
But it impacts a first time home buyer a little more, right, because it gives them a little bit more power to be able to buy something that they’re looking for.

[00:00:58.250] – Julie Martin
Or anybody trying to get a new mortgage..

[00:01:02.150] – Tara Lyons
Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.

[00:01:06.050] – Tara Lyons
So that’s good news. It’s a little bit slower this week. People are wondering why. Well, the announcement came out. Kids are going back to school. So every August, it always slows down the last couple of weeks before Labor Day because people are on holidays. And with so few people taking holidays during the initial part of Covid, they’re all cramming it in now. So that is happening. A lot of people are on cottages or out on their boats or, you know..

[00:01:33.750] – Tom Lyons
Buying stuff for school too. When binder sales skyrocket, Real Estate slows down. Inverse correlation formula.

[00:01:43.700] – Tara Lyons
Just watch the lineups outside of Staples and then you’ll know. So so. Yeah, so that’s happening. And it will pick right back up after.. And I also heard..

[00:01:58.760] – Julie Martin
Those kids are back in school. We are overlapping, sorry, I’ve got a delay..

[00:02:06.130] – Tara Lyons
You had a delay there Julie..

[00:02:09.040] – Tara Lyons
And I also heard the majority of people, because they did do the survey, the majority of people are sending their kids back.

[00:02:15.720] – Tom Lyons
Yeah, yeah. What was it like 70 % or something like that?

[00:02:18.360] – Tara Lyons
70 percent, yeah. So that’s pretty good. It’s going to be good for the kids. Good for the parents. Is Blake going to go back Julie?

[00:02:29.230] – Julie Martin
Much to his dismay. Yes he is going back!

[00:02:31.910] – Tara Lyons
Blake has too much fun at home with his parents so he doesn’t want to go back to school..

[00:02:39.250] – Julie Martin
No.. He’s like, I’ll go for one day to see my friends and then I’m good. Then I’ll just be like..

[00:02:44.670] – Tara Lyons
Oh, it’s not up to you little Blake!

[00:02:46.300] – Tom Lyons
He’s got Karma too. Keeps him entertained the whole day, the two of them.

[00:02:52.700] – Julie Martin

[00:02:53.710] – Tara Lyons
But he had a big accomplishment this weekend.

[00:02:56.430] – Julie Martin
He did. He got his junior open water diver certification. So he’s super excited for that. Him and his dad are now certified so they can go scuba diving.

[00:03:09.400] – Tom Lyons
When I think about it only one person is not certified. Tara’s certified, I’m certified, Blake is certified and Brady’s certified. Yeah, that’s just you, Julie. You’re the only one!

[00:03:23.470] – Julie Martin
That would leave just me. No pressure or anything.

[00:03:26.980] – Tom Lyons
If we decide, all to go somewhere someday, again and again. You’d be the only one left on the beach.

[00:03:32.620] – Julie Martin
I know, I would be the beach patrol guarding all your stuff.

[00:03:37.720] – Tara Lyons
We need that, too.

[00:03:40.670] – Tara Lyons
Oh, dear. So we have some good listings out there still. And we’ve got a great one over on 360 Bleecker.

[00:03:50.650] – Julie Martin
Nice 2 storey century home. It’s a brick home. Lots of good updates, like all the all the mechanical stuff is updated, but it’s got all that original charm. 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, nice detached garage with a workshop and a loft. Really nice, you know, yard and lots of parking.

[00:04:16.050] – Tara Lyons
Yes. We have a great one out at 381 Wilson Road, nicely situated in the country. It’s a beautiful country setting and it has, it’s a bungalow and it’s got an attached 2 car garage, but it’s also got a detached 2 car garage with a workshop. So you’ve got lots of space to play there. You’ve got 3 bedrooms up, you’ve got a nice walk out basement, rec room with a wood stove and it walks out and overlooks the backyard as well, so you don’t feel like you’re in a basement. And yeah, so it’s a really great home to check out to.

[00:04:49.180] – Julie Martin
Yeah, we’ve got another one in the county, it’s 89 County Road 1, it’s a raised bungalow, Colorado style, 3 bedrooms up and 2 down that’s got 1 full bath and a rough in bath in the basement. Lots of space. There’s a bonus room that would be great for like a home based office. It’s got a separate entrance. It’s got a huge attached 4 car garage and a big detached workshop, you know, just on the outskirts of Picton. So, you know, easy access to the town, but it’s on a like a 1 acre lot. So it’s, you know, country feel.

[00:05:28.540] – Tara Lyons
We have lots of homes without buildings right now.

[00:05:31.780] – Julie Martin
I know!

[00:05:33.940] – Tara Lyons
And then we have 1223 Massasauga Road, just down in the county as well, minutes to Bellville. And that one is really, a really cool property right on the water. And it has income with it as well. So you’ve got, my gosh, 10 bedrooms, 9 with en suite bathrooms, and then a nice, beautiful view of the bay that is from all the main living areas. And you’ve also got an apartment in the basement too. So that’s one. So I think that’s everything.

[00:06:07.140] – Tom Lyons
Yeah, I think you’re right. I’m trying to think if there’s anything else that we need to bring up, but I don’t think so. So..

[00:06:13.270] – Team Tara Lyons
Tour Tuesday out!