Tour Tuesday and The Stuffing

Tour Tuesday and the Stuffing

00:02 It’s Tour Tuesday, we tour home so you don’t!
00:13 We have a new listing, 67 Village Drive but already got an offer on it.
00:43 Beautiful waterfront property, 601 Pine Point Lane, an absolutely beautiful property.
02:16 We’ve got 2298 Moira Road up there.
02:32 We have 544 CROWE ROAD
03:11 It is our fall market, anybody who’s looking at listing now, is the right time to get on.
03:35 Big shout out – Happy Birthday to Robyn and Doug and Happy 30th Anniversary to Learn2! Of course to Lisa, for organizing that all!
04:07 What will everybody do for thanksgiving? I would love some suggestions!
05:38 If you know anybody that has Patterson Street condo for sell or rent, please let us know!
06:18 25% of Pinnacle has been sold out!


Group 0:07
It’s Tour Tuesday. We tour home so you don’t need to.

Tara Lyons 0:10
We have two listings to talk about. We have one at 67 village drive that we listed last week after tour. But it already has an offer on it. We got an offer in the first day. And the buyers or the sellers decided they wanted to deal with it. And we got a it accepted. So that was awesome for them. They’re very happy. It’s it’s conditional still. So if something should happen, and it comes available the moment you know. But we have another new listing. It’s an absolutely beautiful waterfront property. It is a 601 pine Point Road. And that’s located just off highway 37, haha. That one’s coming down in a couple days. It’s just up off of Highway 7 just outside of Madoc to the east of Madoc.

And it is at the very end of Pine Point Road and it’s got water front on either side of the property. It’s absolutely beautiful right on Moira ?ake. So if you’re looking for a waterfront home this is gorgeous. It’s a bungalow it’s got three bedrooms. With a large office there’s a family room a living room, a dining room a beautiful open concept eat in the kitchen with the bar area. Main floor laundry of course, because it’s bungalow, there’s no basement up there because you’re right on the water, but it has outbuildings and it has OUT building. So make sure you go and look at our websites and that the professional photos are actually being taken today. But you’ll see more photos coming on as we get those and there’s a large one and a half car garage. And there’s a bunky as well. And there’s also a big workshop and another shed so all kinds out buildings but it’s the waterfront that’s absolutely gorgeous this whole yeah beautiful so many there’s a big dog and yeah so call to book.

Unknown Speaker 2:05
Yeah, so we have some really great properties we’ve got the Moira road up there with the lots of acreage we’ve got Bethel Rd. which is a beautiful country setting we have a lot of properties outside of town right now.

Tara Lyons 2:30
Yeah, we’ve got Crowe Road as well, which is about 40 acres that you can build on.

Yeah, just all kinds of really neat properties right now. And it’s so strange to be to having a lot of listings now. It’s so great to see those listings coming on. And people actually have choice now which was awesome.

Tom Lyons 2:49
Inventory was so low for so long.

Unknown Speaker 3:07
It is our fall market. So just a reminder anybody who’s looking at listing now is the time to get on because everybody wants to be in before Christmas. So the chances that your home will sell before Christmas.

Tom Lyons 3:18
Yeah, and you’re working backwards right? If you need 60 days for 30 days from closing if the house is on normally for 30 days. Then you’ve gotta be getting on really soons. Yes. So that’s great.

Unknown Speaker 3:33
Big shout out to to Doug and Lisa we had a 50th birthday, Doug and it was 30th anniversary for Learn2 which is pretty awesome and we can’t forget Robyn he turned 40 as well that’s right so big shout out Robyn

Tom Lyons 3:50
big shout out to Doug, big shout out to all my other Learn2 peeps. Yes, it’s awesome.

Tara Lyons 3:55
So we had so much fun.

It was great. And of course Lisa for organizing it all can get that

Next item to what is everybody doing for Thanksgiving? I would love some suggestions for stuffing. I want to try some different stuffings

Tom Lyons 4:13
Something different this year instead of the traditional really good stuffing that everyone loves.

Important thing is Tara is bored of it.

Tara Lyons 4:23
I love it too. However, we have a lot of people getting away from bread we have a lot of people who are vegetarians, vegans.

And then of course the other one is if I could ever you know talk, I’m asking these ones I hear from them every day. Of course, we have people who are also not able to eat bread, right Yeah, there we go. Thank you. So that is my request to you. Yeah, just

Advise her to go with the rice.

Tom Lyons 5:05
Really good. You could save us all out of trouble.

Tara Lyons 5:09
Okay, rice or bread? Which stuffing do you like? Why don’t we just make it a regular bread? Rice surprise? Yeah. What do y’all

Julie 5:15
What do you guys got a lot of response on the Doers? Yeah.

Tom Lyons 5:23
They’re getting lots of attention. Hopefully the win. Remember $50 is up for grabs for you. So…

Tara Lyons 5:31
When are we doing that draw Tom?

Tom Lyons 5:32
End of month. Yes, this month.

We’re gonna try to come up with something each month something fun. Yeah. So the Doers one is just exciting because we love Doers.

Tara Lyons 5:48
It’s good.

Julie 5:51
If you know anybody that’s has a Patterson street condo that they are willing to sell or rent, please let us know. I have somebody that’s very, very motivated and interested. Yes. That’s Patterson street Belleville.

Tara Lyons 6:06
Yeah. Those are really neat condos really unique. That was a service. I think that was the second condo developers involved with.

Tom Lyons 6:17
Phase one of the pinnacle 25% sold out.

Tara Lyons 6:20
How exciting is that is really exciting, right?

Julie 6:23
Fun, super fun. And we’re picking up the deals. Wxciting choice of incentive actually right now. Yeah, with the food, wine and own program or you can do free condo fees for your first year. Some great options for incentives there.

Tara Lyons 6:44
Imagine $2500 in wine!

Unknown Speaker 6:49
I was talking, I was talking to somebody about that. And they’re like, Okay, well, based on the type of wine that I like, that would be about a you know, about 100 to 150 bottles. So that’s about how half of my year.

Tara Lyons 7:07
That’s about 10 years for me.

Tom Lyons 7:10
I get it Yeah.

Julie 7:15
But some people don’t drink wine, but you know, Christmas gifts for or any sort of gifts or certificates for the winery. They have other things there too.

Tara Lyons 7:31
They have some great food items and gifts

Unknown Speaker 7:38
Yoga yoga, fitness fitness club. I thought the travel one’s pretty cool.

Tom Lyons 7:45
There’s so many great businesses that you use it doesn’t have to be food. Yes.

Tara Lyons 7:49
So we have our pricing ending the end of this week for the the old pricing on the Pinnacle. So if you what that means is there so some of the great deals right now some lower pricing which is awesome.

Unknown Speaker 8:07
Tour Tuesday OUT!!