Tour Tuesday and the Two Tents

Team 0:00
It’s Tour Tuesday!

Tara Lyons 0:04
And guess what? Things are back to normal coz it’s raining! ..We’re not gonna get wet!

Tom Lyons 0:15
We’re still not touring homes, though. So it is still the day that we’re not touring homes and you can’t either.

Tara Lyons 0:21
We’re touring homes in a different fashion. We’re on the computer.. a lot.

Julie 0:27
A lot.. We’re Zoom-ing.. a lot.

Tara Lyons 0:34
It was so funny because I was talking with a client yesterday, and we’re talking about, oh, I want to go see this house and stuff. And I have to, after 21 years of doing it a certain way, my brain still thinks of it that way. So I had to think I went, oh, wait a minute. No, no, I can’t just call up and book a showing. I said, have you driven by the house? And they’re like, no, I go, okay. You have to go drive by the house first. And then I’m like, have you looked at it online? Yes. I looked at all the stuff online. Okay. We’re good. There. Go drive by the house first.

Tom Lyons 1:02
Make sure you like the neighborhood.

Tara Lyons 1:04
Make sure you like the neighborhood, we have to do certain things. And it’s weird because I’m just so used to jumping in the car and going and looking at the neighborhood and everything at that time. Right? Because they know, roughly that they like the area. But now you have to go by and make sure you specifically like the outside of that house and where it’s at, sits.

Tom Lyons 1:21
With that said, market seems to have picked up dramatically!

Tara Lyons 1:30
Yes. Yeah. What was it up? 70% over last month?

Tom Lyons 1:33
Something like that.

Tara Lyons 1:34
It couldn’t be because we were down 70%.

Tom Lyons 1:36
Yeah but it went it went from it went from being like it went from being down 70% to being down 30%. Right. So it increased enough to shift that average massively. Like that’s a big increase.

Julie 1:53
As of Friday morning, what was it like 7 o’clock? I think both Tara and my phone and email were just non stop. Still multiple offers on almost every price range sometimes.

Tara Lyons 2:11
Our really high end is still quite slow. But even around, what’s interesting, is around the $500k to $550k now has picked up. So that’s positive because that was slower before. So now it just seems over that $800k is still quite slow.

Tom Lyons 2:29
So if you’re waiting for the market to just stall and prices to crash.. probably not.

Tara Lyons 2:36
No but if anything potentially the fall we may see some of that price decrease in that but we don’t honestly know. So if you want to buy you want to sell now’s the time to do it and get back out into the market because we’ve certainly got the buyers and sellers coming. And the other positive thing is we are now starting to see our military relocations in this area too. So that’s positive. And you can expect now that that’s going to go on for the next few months because usually they start in the end February. So we’re quite behind in that. And they usually wind up finishing up around July right?

Tom Lyons 3:14
However all this activity doesn’t change the rules. There’s still mark, there’s still gloves. No more than two and a house at a time right? You’re using the state hand sanitizer, you’re driving by the home. You look like all that same stuff.

Julie 3:29
Yeah, no one at the farms.

Tara Lyons 3:31
No bare feet.

Julie 3:32
No bare feet. So I feel like I’m gonna have to start telling people to bring a change of clothes.. Get ready to scrub in!

Tom Lyons 3:46
We’ll keep you safe!

Tara Lyons 3:47
I started carrying a really big purse, and I just shove everything into it. So then I just carried that with me, as I set it by the front door and everything I need is like right there.

Julie 4:02
Yeah, I’ve got a reusable shopping bag that I carry with me.. No fanny pack though!

Tara Lyons 4:09
I really believe the fanny pack should come back because it would just be easy if I had it right there at my waist.

Julie 4:15
Not big enough for all this stuff we need.

Tom Lyons 4:18
I don’t know if anybody knew this but “fanny” means something completely different in Australia. No it means something different. This is a family show so we can’t talk about that as much here but it does not mean the bum. Go Google it on.. Go Google it on Google.

Tara Lyons 4:37
Different meanings with different words. Our dog’s excited she’s chasing your tail. Okay, so we have some great listings. We have one at 161 Frankford Road just in Sterling. And it’s a really neat home. It’s a bungalow with a double car garage inside entry and you’ve got two or three bedrooms. If you want to turn the dining room into a bedroom.. We have a really great home at 483 Grills Road. This is a great home and has had a whole ton of renovations done in it. And there’s a bungalow style suite and then there’s a two storey suite as well. So you can have an in-law suite or secondary living there, which is really great. There’s also a little bunky out back, and it’s in a nice country setting so you can check that out online. Our one at Massassauga Road, it’s a really awesome waterfront. This is a massive house too. This would be a really cool Bed & Breakfast when we’re allowed to have those again. But also anybody who’s looking to combine families because you want to COVID together and..

Or you just want that epic home! You just want that epic home on the water. It’s amazing.

But also there’s some income there too. So check that out online too as well because you’ve got some potential for income while you’re living there.

Julie 6:15
And we’ve got a cute home in Kaladar. So one and a half story, four bedroom, one bath home. Great little house, tons of updates, windows, furnace, all that good stuff. We got another one in the county. 89 County Road 1. It’s a raised bungalow with a huge attached garage and then a big detached workshop. And five bedrooms in total on that one. So nice country lot as well.

Tara Lyons 6:50
We have 2298 Moira Road. It’s in the country. It’s north of Bellville, and that has 65 acres with it. It’s a big two storey with a beautiful backyard with a saltwater pool that had just been converted a couple years ago and it’s got a hot tub in a screen-in room, which is awesome! And there’s actually an attached double car garage, a detached two and a half car garage and another separate building used to be used as a dog kennel. But you could make that as a home office. You could also do a secondary living there as well if you wanted, but the house is gorgeous. It’s got a new kitchen. It’s great for the in-laws. Really nice two bedrooms upstairs renovated bathrooms and again, lots of updates on that home too.

Julie 7:40
We’ve got lots of listings right now. Another one in the county, 54 Pats Lane. It’s a nice little waterfront bungalow on the north end of the county. And it’s had some updates as well. Beautiful waterfront nice, detached double car garage as well.

Tara Lyons 8:03
And of course we can’t forget our country home out on Blessington. You know we have a lot of homes with detached buildings. This is, again, it’s a bungalow too. Has a really nice front deck that has been added on and which is really nice when you’re out in the country. And then it’s a again, this one’s had a lot of renovations to the whole basement was renovated. And it’s got a really big outbuilding at the back which makes a really perfect workshop as well in those fenced yard too for the kids or the animals. And so that’s a really beautiful home to on Blessington Road. What else we’ve got? I know we’ve sold a couple as well. So..

Tom Lyons 8:46
Elon Musk launched his rocket into space!

Tara Lyons 8:50
That was pretty cool.

Tom Lyons 8:52
That was pretty cool. We watched or I watched the lunch and it was pretty amazing. And then later that evening for those of you that managed to get outside & see it. It passed right over Belleville along with the International Space Station. You can see both of them into sky at the same time. As the crew of Dragon module was catching up to the space station. They were chasing each other. No! but it was pretty cool knowing that there is people in each one of those spaceships!

Tara Lyons 9:20
We’re looking up at the sky going there’s people in those spaceships! Yeah and then we saw them when the International Space Station was welcoming the new astronauts in. So that was really neat. Monumental really. And it was a good point our broker Mark made in our meeting this morning. It’s like it just seems like ah, somebody else’s back up in space. But just think about that. There are people in space living there.

Tom Lyons 9:51
Did you know this is another fun fact for everybody, that the internet International Space Station is due to retire in 2024. It only has 4 years of life left and then they’re abandoning the ship to put that budget towards getting to Mars. So just so you know, it costs about 3 billion internationally. So all the countries combined their money funds for cost 3 billion to run that space station every year. So you can take that money and use it for getting to the Moon and getting to Mars.

Tara Lyons 10:25
That’s amazing. So we should probably take a moment and just recognize what’s going around the world aside from COVID. But I guess not around the world, I guess it’s mainly in North America here, in the States and what’s happening there and what’s kind of happening here as well in Toronto area. Let’s just be nice to each other. Let’s be kind, but we should not be fighting over racial discrimination and thing in today’s age. Putting people into space and yet we are still harming each other in the way that we are. Let’s not do that anymore. So yeah..

Tom Lyons 11:12

Tara Lyons 11:13
Indeed. So what else is going on?

Julie 11:17
Oh, do you want me to tell my joke?

Tom Lyons 11:21
Ok yeah, do we need to preface the whole joke story with everything?

Julie 11:28
I think we do.

Tom Lyons 11:30
Well let Julie tell her joke and then we’ll let Tara tell her joke. And then we can tell the story behind the jokes.

Julie 11:38
Okay, everybody ready? Ready.. What is that house wear?

Tom Lyons 11:45

Julie 11:51

Tara Lyons 11:51
Never heard that before, I laughed so hard.

Tom Lyons 12:01
Tara has, okay I will preface it for ahead of time.. Tara has one joke that she’s told throughout history. She was maybe 50/50 on actually telling the joke correctly despite it being her one joke. Last night we were watching Modern Family. And and her joke ended up showing up on TV. And they claimed that it was not a very funny joke on the television. But we’re going to let Tara tell you it and you can vote on whether you think it is funny or not.

Tara Lyons 12:35
I just want you to know that I’ve read it through twice in my head while Tom was talking.

Julie 12:40
I can tell!

Tom Lyons 12:41
You can do this, I believe in you! ..You’re funny. Haha I’m already laughing.

Tara Lyons 12:45
So a friend of mine went to the doctors and they walked in and they said to the doctor: “I’m having this issue where you know, I’m a tipi, I’m a wigwam. I’m a tipi, I’m a wigwam” and the doctor says: “You’re two tents.” ..I usually go and say that they walk into the doctor’s office and they say I’m too tense. Well, you’re a tipi, you’re a wigwam.

Tom Lyons 13:16
Everybody vote please..

Tara Lyons 13:18
Wait a minute, we have one more joke. Tom’s created a joke so we have three jokes.

Tom Lyons 13:22
Oh, what type of tent is a dog? ..A pup tent!

Julie 13:31
Wonk wonk! I love it.

Tara Lyons 13:34
I think maybe everybody should vote as to which joke is the funniest. You can say Julie’s Tara’s or Tom’s. But I think primarily, we should stick to selling real estate.

Tom Lyons 13:49
Yeah we’re not getting a Netflix special anytime soon that’s for sure.

Julie 13:54
Our stand up act.

Tara Lyons 13:56
We look forward to seeing the results on.. I think on that note..

Team 14:07
Tour Tuesday out!