Why do REALTORS® ask financial questions?

The federal government requires us to ask financial questions regarding where funds are coming from and getting proof of identification. Canada has had substantial anti-money laundering and terrorist financing legislation since 2001. Since then REALTORS® have had a legal responsibility in Canada’s efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist financing. In addition to these original … Read more

Quinte’s Guide to Government Home Buying Programs and Incentives 2019

Buying your first home today can be a challenge, with higher interest rates, higher qualification criteria, increased home prices. All of it adds up. However, rents are increasing, it’s getting harder to find good homes or apartments to rent, and you’re not creating equity with each rent payment you give the landlord. Fortunately, there are … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the County Property

This week on Tour Tuesday, Tom gets an English lesson. Interest rates are rising and RockFest! 0:15 It’s finally sunny! 0:45 Interest rates went up. Told you so! http://bit.ly/2uhRW4S 1:50 Slower summer market has started. 2:13 Toronto market stalling? 3:52 21 Peats Point Price Reduction. http://bit.ly/2toNw9a Amazing Waterfront 4:20 Water level starting to come down … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Still Yet More Rain

It’s TOOOOUUURRR Tuesday again and guess what?  It’s raining. 🙁 But still, we’re having fun on the run. 0:35 Another listing, the twin to 403 Bleecker, it’s 401 Bleecker Ave. http://bit.ly/2sj0pzR 2:12 Found two kittens in a boat?  Thank you to Fixed Fur Life. https://www.fixedfurlife.com/ 3:10 Market has slowed a bit, but that’s normal. 3:25  Quinte is closing, … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Forgotten Listings

  This week on Tour Tuesday we forget a listing, it’s still raining and Tara drops her phone. 0:20 It’s raining again on Tour Tuesday 0:40 Two new listings? 21C Peats Point http://bit.ly/2toNw9a and 55 Joy Court http://bit.ly/2sSsVN5 2:17 We almost forgot 678 Hollowview Rd.! http://bit.ly/2nsO7Xi 3:00 Checking out our Neighbourhood. 3:32 What we love … Read more

Tour Tuesday and More Rain

It’s raining again on Tour Tuesday, but that doesn’t slow us down as we talk about the changing in the market and how it might impact Quinte.

Tour Tuesday and the Watery Basement

This week on tour tuesday we discuss how to avoid water in your basement, a train stops our tour and something about wine. 0:20 Tara forgets Tom 0:40 New listing on Tour, 379 Elmwood Drive! http://bit.ly/2pou0X5 1:33 Crazy Rain 1:44 Water in a basement, what to do? 4:40 A train has stopped the tour. 5:04 … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Deposit regarding Belleville Real Estate

This week on Tour Tuesday we dig into pitfalls and trials of multiple offer and waiving conditions.  Things are changing in the Belleville real estate world, multiple offers, increased deposits, less conditions all impact buying a home in the Quinte area. 0:04 Tom tries not to run anyone over. 0:45 Royal LePage ProAlliance is truly … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the New Tax – Belleville Real Estate News

This week on Tour Tuesday we have a detailed discussion on the new tax introduced in Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe area, getting into how it might impact the Quinte area. 0:20 River tells everyone how much she likes her dog walker Jamie Ellis.  Ellis Pet Care 1:04 Checking out our latest listing on Sidney, … Read more

Our winner of the 2017 Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show!

After exhaustive hours, rain, sun, wind and sleet.  Well maybe no sleet.  The show has ended and the time has come to draw for our winner. Betty Alexander you are the big winner!!!  We truly hope you love the Cookware set! Again thank you to everyone who came and stopped by our booth.  Don’t forget … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show

This Tour Tuesday we talk about the Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show 2017, show a little of how VR works and spent a fair bit of time in the rain. :17 We went to the Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show 2017. :29 Tom sounds threatening. 1:05 Thanks to Linda Schick and Sherry Fraser 1:10 Shout … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Manse, Three Dog Winery and #WILB

In this Tour Tuesday, Tom attends a conference for Women, Tara talks poo and River hates Mud. 0:08 WILB Conference – http://www.wilbconference.com – #WILB 0:30 How to prepare your Home to Sell. 1:01 Jeff Murray – KDM Law – http://kdmlaw.ca 1:30 Price Increases in the Quinte Area and Why? 2:45 Why we can’t just give … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Lack of Attention

On this Tour Tuesday, we re-tour, Tom Rants and Tara laughs at Tom.  We spend a fair bit of time on this tour talking about the Belleville real estate market, how it’s changed and how it’s impacting home sellers and buyers. 0:23 678 Hollowview Rd. was on Tour! http://taralyons.ca/678-hollowview-rd-stirling-k0k-3e0/ 0:53 82 Wellington in Madoc. http://taralyons.ca/82-wellington-st-w-madoc-k0k-2k0/ … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Docfest

And we’re back from Vacation and ready for the Spring Market. In this Tour Tuesday, Tom has a weird laugh, Tara likes curling and Spring has sprung. 0:15 We were gone. 0:43 Tour Tuesday from the Cruise – https://www.facebook.com/ilovebelleville/videos/10155058058276719/ 0:52 Spring market has begun! 1:26 36 Vertis Court – http://taralyons.ca/36-vertis-court-belleville-ontario-k8n…/ 2:19 156 Catalina Dr. – … Read more

Family Day Free Skate Belleville 2017

Our Family Skate day is quickly approaching and we really hope you can join us. When: Monday, February 20th, 2017, 2:15 – 4:15PM Where: Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre, Family Dental Centre Arena 265 Cannifton Road, Belleville

Tour Tuesday and the 2017 Movie Event

So we had our customer appreciation movie event at the The Empire Theatre here in Belleville.  What a great day, we had a chance to catch up with friends/clients.  I think everyone had a great time. We can’t thank everyone enough for putting your faith in our team when looking to buy or sell your … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Hot Toddy

This week on Tour Tuesday, Angela does a drive by, Tara has a Hot Toddy and Mark Rashotte visits Jimmy Fallon. 0:28 Angela’s drive by. 0:34 Our listing 506 Moneymore Rd., was on tour!! See it here: http://taralyons.ca/ 0:37 Mark Rashotte( @markrashotte ) and Jake Clemons( @jakeclemons ) visit Jimmy Fallon. 1:15 Check out Jake … Read more

Villages In Spain Are Up For Sale at Crazy Cheap Prices

Spain has been seeing an exodus over causing entire towns to become abandoned. Three trends have come together causing this vacancy. 1. Elderly mortality on the rise. 2. Birthrate showed a dramatic reduction. 3. The economic crisis in the area caused people to simple abandon homes. The end result is more that an entire village … Read more

Belleville Real Estate Market Share

Here’s how the market work out in October for the local companies.  Ever wonder if one brokerage makes a difference over another.  This should help answer that questioner you. Royal Lepage ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage, sells more than 59% of the homes in the Belleville Market.  More than double any other competitor.  That’s why Team Tara … Read more

2015 Belleville Santa Claus Parade

Please join us at Empire North(360 Pinnacle St.) for the Annual Belleville Santa Claus Parade in Downtown Belleville! The parade has a new route this year due to the construction in downtown Belleville and will be heading down Pinnacle St, instead of Front St. Join us at 4:00PM, Sunday, November 15th, 2015 to grab a … Read more

Tom Cochrane Performs At The Empire Square Rockfest 2015

General Admission Standing Tickets: $30.00 plus HST plus Ticketbreak Service Fee VIP Reserved Seating Tickets: $50.00 plus HST plus Ticketbreak Service Fee General Admission Weekend Passes Available: $95.00 plus HST plus Ticketbreak Service Fee VIP Weekend Passes Available (includes a GA Ticket for Thursday): $135.00 plus HST plus Ticketbreak Service Fee BUY SATURDAY JULY 25TH … Read more

Blue Radio performing at Rockfest, Empire Square Friday!

General Admission Standing Tickets: $35.00 plus HST and Ticketbreak Service Fee VIP Reserved Seating Tickets: $55.00 plus HST and Ticketbreak Service Fee General Admission Weekend Passes Available: $95.00 plus HST and Ticketbreak Service Fee VIP Admission Weekend Passes Available for Friday & Saturday plus Thursday GA Tickets: $135.00 plus HST plus Ticketbreak Service Fee  BUY … Read more

Hedley performs at Rockfest Thursday Night!

General Admission  Standing Tickets Only – $45.00 Plus HST and Ticketbreak Service Fee Weekend GA Standing Tickets – $95.00 plus HST plus Ticketbreak Service Fee Weekend GA for Thursday plus VIP for Friday, Saturday – $135.00 plus HST plus Ticketbreak Service Fee BUY THURSDAY JULY 23rd TICKETS HERE! BUY WEEKEND PASSES HERE!

Canada Day Belleville, 2015 – Pie Eating

Here’s a little fun from the Canada Day festivities in Zwick’s Park.  We hosted the pie eating contest this year.  We went through 16 pies weighing in at about 30 pounds. The kids finished each round in about 2 minutes.   The adults had it a little harder with larger pies, it took them about … Read more

Why this Team of Princesses are exploding on the internet.

This picture of the team “Freeze,” a  girl’s softball team made up of princesses ages 4 and 5, was posted online by photographer Betsy Gregory. Betsy Gregory was both the team’s coach and photographer as well as the mother of one of players.  That gave her an opportunity to do something really fun.  All the girl’s … Read more

Royal Lepage Shelter Foundation named national partner is sheltersafe.ca

I am pleased to announce another step forward in our efforts to help abused women and their children find help. The Royal LePage Shelter Foundation has been named a national partner in Sheltersafe.ca — a new online resource managed by the Canadian Network of Women’s Shelters and Transition Houses — along with RBC Foundation. Any … Read more

Top 5% in our Area, Thank You!!

Our Team was awarded TOP 5% of Royal Lepage Realtors in our Area.  I also received the Lifetime Award of Excellence achieving top 10% for 10 of the last 14 years. What a great year 2014 was and all I can say for myself and my team is THANK YOU to all my clients who … Read more

Top 5 Most Expensive Homes in the World

The owners of the world’s most expensive houses are no doubt the same people who are on the list of the world’s richest and they’ve got the real estate to prove it. Here’s the countdown! 5. 18-19 Kensington Palace Gardens – London Value: $222 million Located on London’s Billionaires Row, 18-19 Kensington sits alongside the home of … Read more

Tara Tip! Removing paint from your carpet.

So you were painting your living room or bedroom, and oops!  You have a big puddle of paint slowly seeping into your beautiful new carpet! No Problem, just follow these steps. 1. Cut two pieces of cardboard from a box. Use the edges of the cardboard to gather the paint. 2. Then use the pieces to … Read more

What’s it like to live in a $95M Penthouse 1396ft above Manhattan?

You can only imagine how the view would look from these pictures but the new Manhattan penthouse will run a cool $95 million and tower above even the Empire State Building. The penthouse will have views of most of Manhattan including Central Park, and the Hudson River.  The panoramic will be enhanced with massive 10 x … Read more

Royal Lepage Proalliance Kiosk Grand Re-Opening

Royal Lepage Proalliance Kiosk

I’m sure many of you have noticed that the Royal Lepage Proalliance Kiosk has moved to a new location.  We are now in front of Winners! So take moment and drop by, check out the homes for sale and say hi to your friendly neighbourhood Realtor®.

Why Hire a Belleville Real Estate Agent

The Belleville real estate market is starting to heat up for the spring. You may be one of the many people out there who have decided to take the plunge and become a homeowner, or maybe you are looking to sell your home. You may be thinking about going the route of a private sale of … Read more

Royal Lepage ProAlliance Market Share 2014

Looks like the numbers are in for 2014 and once again Royal Lepage ProAlliance Realty, Brokerage had a great year. The chart shows the market share of each company in the Belleville area and Royal Lepage had a 54.99% market share. That’s more than 50% of the market based on homes sold.  Amazing. Team Tara Lyons also … Read more

Falling Fly Quick Fix

Have you ever been embarrassed due to an opened fly? Put an end to an often slipping zipper. Look for a split ring that is the size of a small coin and insert this on the zip holder. As you pull the zipper to a close, fasten the ring on to the pant’s button to … Read more

2 Bowls in A Microwave – No Problem!

Are you in a hurry to cook dinner for two but only got a small microwave oven? Relax! Instead of putting only one bowl at a time in your small microwave oven, why not put two? How? Simply put a bowl on top of a microwave-safe mug to save an extra space for another bowl … Read more

Retail Hangers – Recycle, Reuse!

Instead of throwing away retail hangers that go with the clothes you buy, why not recycle and reuse the clips that go with them? Simply break off the clips on both ends and voila, you now have instant chip clips you can use either for sealing opened snacks or for hanging clothes on the line. … Read more

Easy Trick for Wrinkle Free Clothes

If you are in a hurry and got no time to iron, toss in your clothing to the dryer with 2-3 ice cubes and run the dryer for 5-10 minutes in the highest setting. Due to the heat, the ice cubes will melt and create a steam. It’s like using a steam iron without requiring … Read more

Phil Soper, CEO of the Year! Congrats!!

The Canadian Public Relations Society (CPRS) Toronto announced the winner of the 22nd CEO Award of Excellence in Public Relations and it’s our very own Phil Soper, President and Chief Executive Officer of Royal Lepage Real Estate Services. Yay! Phil! Mr. Soper’s pursuit of his company’s vision and his ability to communicate it the country … Read more

Hey Belleville! Rules Change for Mortgages Again

The mortgage rules are change again Belleville and here’s what you need to know: • You will need a bare minimum of 5% down payment and can NO longer use any cash back arrangement for your down payment. • You will now only be able to amortize your mortgage for a maximum of 25 years … Read more

Belleville Santa Claus Parade 2014, November 16th

It’s the time of year and it’s going to feel a lot like Christmas really soon. The Belleville Santa Claus Parade 2014 is coming to town on the night of November 16th. We’ll be taking donations at the Royal Lepage Building for the Gleaner’s Food Bank and handing out free hot chocolate while supplies last. … Read more

Mark Rashotte of Royal Lepage ProAlliance does the ALS Challenge

  Mark Rashotte of Royal Lepage ProAlliance and the Empire Threatre was to do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.  Mark accepted in memory of Larry Farrar who was one of our own at Royal LePage that we lost a few years ago to this terrible disease. Donate at www.ALS.ca Mark has nominated @Kevin Cochrane, @Kent … Read more

Royal LePage Family Day Skate

Royal LePage ProAlliance Realty invites everyone to enjoy a free Public Skate on Family Day. Where: Rink A – Quinte Sports & Wellness Centre, Belleville When: February 17, 2014 – Monday – 2:30 to 4:00 P.M.

CFB Trenton showing service beyond service

We love CFB Trenton. This weekend Paratroopers of the Canadian Army Advanced Warfare Centre opened their training towers to raise funds for the United Way of Quinte. For a mere $5 donation we were able to jump from the 10-metre tower like we were real paratroopers or rappel down the 20-metre tower! Our military serves … Read more