Belleville Festival of Trees Whoville!

I had a chance to make it down to the Whoville setup Downtown Belleville. What a great a time, we walked around, checked out all the trees and vendors, did a little video and headed out for the rest of our day.

The 2010 Santa Clause Parade!!

This Team Tara had the chance to be in the Santa Claus Parade! Every kids dream. We took one of the Beetles and covered it with lights and decoration, ready to have a blast!

Here’s the photos and a short video of the actual parade.  We had lot’s of fun seeing all the kids, and we know there must be few arms sore from all the punch buggy punches we witnessed.  Thanks to everyone who cheered at the little Christmas Bug as it went by.  We’ll definitely see you next year.

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Prince Edward – Lennox & Addington Social Services (PELASS) in conjunction with the Canada-Ontario Affordable Housing Program is offering an exciting home ownership opportunity. Down payment assistance may be available for up to 5% of the maximum purchase price of $210,000 for a new or re-sale home. Residents of the Counties of Lennox & Addington … Read more

Mackenzie Ridge Gift and Basket

Today we went to MacKenzie Ridge Gift and Basket to visit Julie. Julie was nice enough to do a little interview with us about the new location and her previous life as an actress!  Who knew we knew someone famous! Make sure you visit the MacKenzie Ridge Facebook Page or the MacKenzie Ridge Website! MacKenzie … Read more

Fall Colours in the Belleville and Quinte Area

Well it’s that time of year again.  Pumpkins come out, trees start to change colour, sweaters and jackets come out of the close. That’s right it’s the fall and it means winter is on the way, boooo.  But the upside are the cool crisp walks through the red and orange leaves.  Watching the geese start … Read more

My New Ipad!

So my husband thought it was time to move ahead with technology. We usually stay well ahead of the curve, we’ve always had PDA,s, blackberries and now iPhones but today he moved us into the realm of tablets. Our new iPad is to be used to help ours buyers look at homes as we move … Read more

Harbour 25 and Boat Life in Belleville

Well, it’s that time again folks. Yep, the boats are coming out of the water for another long cooollldd winter. We spent today lifting my parents boat out of the water and then pulling my boat, and by mine I of course mean Tom’s and my boat. All went well. Harbour 25, which is the … Read more

Amazing Graze Alpaca Farm Open House

We spent some time at the Amazing Graze Alpaca Farm feeding the Alpacas, or accurately Tom feed them and I watched. Watch the video below. If you’ve never been there you really need to go out there. I added the map this post if you want to head and see them.  Anyway we had blast … Read more

Tara Lyons wins The Award of Excellence 2009!

This yeas we made a new milestone with Team Tara. We received the Award of Excellence for 2009, the honour is given to those REALTORS® who reached Gold level 5 out of 7 years. Yep, that means we achieved Gold or Higher the last 5 out of 7 years. I know what you’re what you’re … Read more

All About Tara

Well, I guess I’m not sure where to start. So bear with me as I try to pass on why I can be a tremendous help to you. I hope you’ll see that I try to become more than just an agent to my clients. I try to become a friend, and adviser. With over … Read more

Interest Rates Expected Rise

It was announced that Mortgage rates are increasing in the next day or two. If you are thinking of remortgaging or buying or selling your home in the next three to four months, lock in now with the low interest rate. I am here to help, if you need a recommendation for your mortgage or … Read more

Real Estate Related Links

Belleville and Quinte Links: Other Links: Landlordsinfo by LANDLORD’S SOURCE CENTRE, provides Support, Help, Information, Online Courses, Product, Services, Reference and Research Tools for the Protection and Education of all landlords. Accounting Information for You Trusted REALTORS®: North Bay Real Estate The Karen Brown Team London Real Estate Scott Gunn Port Credit Real Estate … Read more

Tara Lyons Supports A Young Man In Haiti

Since 2006 Mckenzine has had our sponsorship. My husband and I are touched every year we get an updated photo. This year we are anxiously awaiting to hear if he is okay. With all the devastation seen there, we just hope he is alright.

Tara Lyons Supports The Thurlow Youth Soccer Club

Since 2008, she has sponsored a team. “It was great when I went out to visit the team. They were all excited to meet me when the coach told them I was the person whose name was on the shirt. I felt like a celebrity. It was even better when I saw them enjoying themselves … Read more

Updating my Skills with Brian Buffini

Last week I had the chance to visit the beautiful city of Toronto for a few days. I traveled up with my husband and we stayed at the Intercontinental attached to the Toronto Convention Centre. Our purpose was to attend a two convention for Real Estate Agents, focusing on customer care, our industry and the … Read more

New Ontario Mobile Device Laws

Ontario has introduced new driving laws in regards to the use of portable electronic devices. I thought everyone might like to know. Ontario Legislation Countering Distracted Driving and Promoting Green Transportation Act, 2009 Q1. What devices are not allowed to be used while driving? A1. Drivers cannot use handheld wireless communications devices while driving. This … Read more

Tara Lyons visits Classic Hits 95.5 for Cancer Walk

Tara Lyons was a guest on the Classic Hits 95.5 morning show with Mark Philbin and Kathleen Rankine.  Tara was talking about the Wendy’s Belleville Salad day fund raiser for the upcoming “End Breast Cancer Walk“.  Belleville’s local Wendy’s was donating $2.00 for every dinner salad sold for the day to team “Firmly Supported” If … Read more

Basic Flower Garden Care

Flower garden, like all types of gardens, has basic needs, an adequate supply of water, sunlight, and fertile soil. Water is essential especially during the heat of summer. Also determine the water requirements of each plant you have in your garden. Make sure that the soil is rich with nutrients. Fertile soil will aid flowers … Read more

Home Maintenance Series: Roof Inspection

The roof is your first line of defense from the elements and roofs get more abuse from these elements than any other part of the building. Regular roof inspection will lead to early detection of roof problems such as signs of weakness, deterioration or hazard. It also determines if the roof system is performing according … Read more

Flower Garden Design: Tips for Beginners

When starting a flower garden most people just start digging and immediately planting every plant they can think of, commonly neglecting the imperatives in flower gardening. It could be less daunting and a lot of fun if one thinks things through a little bit more. Listed below are tips on how you can come up … Read more

Home Maintenance Series: Gutter Maintenance

It is vital to periodically check the overall condition of a home. Routine maintenance for your gutter is one of the best tips to preserve the value of your home. Gutters demand high quality and preventative maintenance. Homeowners usually neglect or pay little attention to their gutters. They soon discover a number of problems and … Read more

Home Maintenance Series: Deck Refinishing

A new wood deck is a useful addition to your home, which gives a warm, beautiful connection with the outdoors, adding to a home’s asset and setting the stage for a world of outdoor activities. Unfortunately decks take a lot of abuse from continued exposure from frequent drastic changes of our weather, making its beauty … Read more

Spring Blooms – Early Flowers to Plant in Belleville

Spring is a much loved season for many people and it is definitely easy to understand why this is so. Spring is when the earth awakes back to life after a long cold winter, when the first flowers begin to blossom and the green world is beginning to return from a winter starved of color. … Read more

Home Maintenance Series: Exterior Maintenance

Most of the major defects in your home are the consequence from the failure of one or more of the components to your property. More frequently than not, this will be on the exterior of your house, which you may not regularly look at to recognize problems as they occur. It is all too easy … Read more

Flower Garden: What Should I Plant?

Choosing garden flowers is a little daunting, but it is also exciting and always an adventure. What should I plant? This is the biggest gardener’s subject. Selecting plants is one of the toughest gardening tasks, simply because there are so many to choose from. There are a lot of factors to consider. One of these … Read more

Gardening for Beginners

We have learned that plants have four basic needs, namely: sunlight, water, soil (nutrients) and air. Incorporating this knowledge in gardening assures us of healthy plants which are the main focus of our garden.  We must carefully consider the needs of each plant that we are planning to include in our garden. Each should thrive … Read more

Home Check… Spring Home Maintenance

It’s time to bring back the life and beauty to your home…….it’s time for spring home maintenance. With the daylight savings time in effect, let’s make use of the extra sunshine to keep our homes in good condition. Before you start with your chores, grab a pen and paper and make a checklist of the … Read more

Spring Gardening Time

Winter is officially over and here comes one of the best seasons, spring. This is when everything comes to life. Spring is considered a period of growth and new life.  After surviving a long winter, it is now the time to go out, appreciate sunshine, budding plants, birds and everything around us. Spring is synonymous … Read more

Home Maintenance – A Must!

The purpose of home maintenance is not just to maintain a clean and well-organized home. It is done to ensure that the home is in optimum condition, is healthy and safe for those living in it. Regular maintenance and home care also saves you time and money. Furthermore, it protects ones investment; a well-preserved and … Read more

20 Somethings use Communal homeownership to start sooner.

CAROLYN IRELAND From Friday’s Globe and Mail January 23, 2009 at 12:00 AM EST All things considered, Stacy Morris and Jamee Lakas got along awfully well sharing a cramped dorm room at the University of Waterloo. So well, in fact, that the roommates speculated that some day — if they were both single — they … Read more

Belleville Real Estate Statistics October 2008

PRESS RELEASE FROM THE QUINTE & DISTRICT REAL ESTATE BOARD INC. Sales: Dollar sales, Year to Date, 2008 decreased by 13.7%, going from $619,412,799 in 2007 to $534,271,991 in 2008. Listings: The number of new listings, year to date, increased 14.8%, from 6,184 in 2007 to 7,101 in 2008. Average Residential Purchase Price The Year … Read more

Sharp Increase in Tax Assessments for Quinte

Assessed values of a single family detached home will be jumping on average 27 present with the MPAC assessments.  Assessment increases will occur over the four-year phase-in introduced by the provincial government. Belleville home owners received their assessments as well. “Residential property values have increased by approximately 42 per cent in Hastings County since 2005, … Read more

Tara Lyons supports

Tara recently loaned money to a small Kiva business. This organizations loans money to third world families looking to start a business. The loans are interest free and allows a family to establish a livelihood to support their family and grow their community.

Waupoos Marina Located in Prince Edward County

Here’s a quick video of Waupoos Marina, it’s located on the south east side of Prince Edward County, right next door to the Waupoos Winery. It’s a great little harbour for those looking for a stop over heading to Kingston. [googleMap name=”Waupoos Marina” width=”425″ height=”425″ directions_to=”false”]Waupoos, Ontario, Canada[/googleMap]

Belleville and Quinte Expected to Mirror National Real Estate Trend

Despite the feeling of a declined market, sellers still remain optimistic about selling their home.  Accoriding to the Canadian Real Estate Association Canada showed a second monthly record of new listings coming on the market, with Ontario showing strong growth in listings. Residential listing grew 1.8 percent on the adjusted month over month basis with … Read more

I think you are fantastic Tara – P. Richardson

I think you are fantastic Tara, You know I saved that message on my phone when you told me I had a new house, I listened to it a few times before it was taken when I switched to Cogeco. That was a great feeling when I first heard it.   I’ll be recommending you … Read more

Thank you very much Tara – P & D Cousins

Thank you very much Tara for all your help on the original purchase and subsequent sale of our home in a proficient, courteous manner. Special kudos to you, for extending your service to us in finding the right agent for us up north, making fax arrangements, phone calls, etc. and as you put it anything … Read more

Canadians continue to flock south to buy homes

The Florida Association of REALTORS® recently wrote an article describing how in some areas of the Southern United States up to 50% of purchased homes are bought by Canadians.  I’m sure many of them have been from Belleville as we have a large snowbird population living in our community. It’s no surprise with the low … Read more

Interest Expected to Decline in Canada despite Inflation

The Chief Economist at Merrill Lynch Canada expects two rate cuts of .25 bps (1/4 of 1%) each in December and January. The prediction comes despite the highest inflation in the last five years due to increased fuel costs. However, the optimism is spurred by the fact that oil prices seem to be on a … Read more

Tara Lyons Supports Habitat for Humanity Hastings Prince Edward County

In 2007 Tara Lyons supported the 2007 Habitat for Humanity Golf Tournament.

Habitat for Humanity International was founded in the southern United States in 1976 by Millard Fuller and since has built more than 200,000 homes in over 92 countries.

Habitat for Humanity Canada was founded in 1985 and has 70 affiliates in all 10 provinces and territories. Over 1000 homes have been built in Canada. Former Governor General, The Right Honourable Ed Schreyer and his wife Lily are Patrons of Habitat for Humanity Canada and volunteer at the annual Ed Schreyer Work Project build every year.

Read moreTara Lyons Supports Habitat for Humanity Hastings Prince Edward County

Tara Lyons Participates in the Belleville Trump Aids Walk

In 2007 Rotarian Tara Lyons participated in the 2007 Belleville Trump Aids Walk. The fund raiser was conceived by Rotarians Michael Maloney, John Smale, Ken Dickson and Bishop, who said the group was moved by the desperate suffering of children with AIDS. They knew they wanted to raise money to help, he said, but they … Read more

Tara Lyons Supports Belleville Rotary Camp Enterprises

In March 2008, Tara Lyons assisted in running the 2008 Camp Enterprises at Camp Merrywood. The program is run for highschool students chosen by their teachers and have an interest in business.  Over the three day event students are run through exercises ranging form negotiation to marketing plan development. It was a lot of fun … Read more