Home Check… Spring Home Maintenance

It’s time to bring back the life and beauty to your home…….it’s time for spring home maintenance. With the daylight savings time in effect, let’s make use of the extra sunshine to keep our homes in good condition.

Before you start with your chores, grab a pen and paper and make a checklist of the projects that you have in mind. Plan ahead and always stay organized to save time and to prevent unnecessary expenses. You can involve your family in planning and performing the maintenance and cleaning tasks. All of you can do the needed inspections both indoors and outdoors. There will be things and areas that are needed to be repaired, replaced, restored or refinished. Always prioritize your tasks and projects according to its importance.

Here are some areas that you should check:


Check for damage to roof coverings. Look for holes or leaks. Shingles must not be loose and should be tightly fastened. Look into your chimney. Do inspection on gutters and downspouts. If clogged, clear them of any debris. Also check for corrosion and attachment. They must be securely attached and in functional condition.

Electrical System

Inspect electrical outlets for loose-fitting plugs that may indicate a damaged receptacle that could possibly lead to overheating and may cause fires. Check circuit breaker box as well and make sure all switches are functioning properly. Keep in mind, have an electrician take a look and do the repairs if any of your electrical systems are malfunctioning to prevent fires or possible electrocution.

Heating and Air Conditioning Systems

This involves your furnace, fireplace, heaters and air conditioners. Check for rusts. Observe for any unusual sounds as well as burning or strange smells. Clean your air conditioners. Remove dust and replace air filter. Ducts must also be free of dust and leaks.

Plumbing Systems

Check for any drips or leaks. See if flushes are malfunctioning and observe for running toilets. Insure that drainage and sinks are unclogged.

Foundation, Doors, Windows and Decks

Inspect walls for termites, rot and cracks. Doors jambs should be in good condition with all locks functional and firmly in place. Check for torn screens and broken glass on windows. Look for raised nails and rot in your wooden deck. Railings must be also be secured. Get rid of moss and molds. Power washing and refinishing may also be needed for your decks.