Tour Tuesday and Jamie Ellis Pet Care

[00:00:00.730] – Team Tara Lyons
Its Tour Tuesday!

[00:00:06.030] – Tom Lyons
The day that we don’t tour homes anymore and we’re doing something different.

[00:00:11.450] – Tara Lyons
And we have a guest on today. We have the infamous, the one and only, Jamie Ellis!

[00:00:20.780] – Jamie Ellis
Hello everyone! I’m right here.

[00:00:30.200] – Tom Lyons
Gotta a guy named Jamie!

[00:00:34.400] – Tara Lyons
So he’s from Ellis Pet Care and we’re gonna get to him in one moment. We have a new listing to talk about first. So let us tell you about that, Julie!

[00:00:43.150] – Julie Martin
And we have a new listing in the East Hill Belleville. It’s 360 Bleecker Avenue. It’s a century home, but nicely updated. All the mechanicals and everything, windows, wiring, plumbing, furnace, everything’s been updated, but still has all that original character, original trim, nice hardwood. 2 two storey brick. And it’s got four bedrooms, all on the second level and three 4-piece baths. So great home, great yard. It’s got a detached garage with a big workshop section and loft storage above the garage as well.

[00:01:25.910] – Tara Lyons
Don’t forget about the 3rd level as well. So the loft space that you could finish off. It’d be a great kids play or reading room. Yeah, it’s a good home. It’s really cool. And if you see this on Thursday, it came on yesterday.

[00:01:45.090] – Tom Lyons
We got the dollhouse and everything filmed today. So a good fun.

[00:01:49.900] – Tara Lyons
So while we were getting ready for our Tour Tuesday, I got this.

[00:01:59.290] – Tom Lyons
This is your your thing?

[00:02:01.300] – Tara Lyons
Yeah. So this is actually a brush for nail polish and don’t keep twisting it and twisting because I literally like emptying it all onto my napkin. Coz really I should be doing my toes right now, but we’re on Tour Tuesday I can’t.

[00:02:17.020] – Julie Martin
You could but it might be awkward.

[00:02:19.550] – Tara Lyons
I’d be like this!

[00:02:21.880] – Tom Lyons
So just for everybody, we’re now changing Tour Tuesday to like a makeup, sort of talking to her blog vlog thing. Next week I’m covering hair gel in Tom’s hair.

[00:02:36.280] – Tara Lyons
Mark down below: do you think we should call Tour Tuesday, coz we’re not out touring homes anymore, “Talk Tuesday”? Thumbs up, thumbs down, put them in the comments below, please! So without further ado, let’s talk to Jamie!

[00:02:57.660] – Jamie Ellis
I sent it to her just you know, here are some things I know you’re going to change it. So probably doesn’t make sense, but she’s just going to go with it.

[00:03:05.650] – Tara Lyons
Jamie Ellis is the owner of Ellis Pet Care. And he is a dog walker, a pet sitter to Belleville’s elite.

[00:03:17.560] – Tom Lyons
Did you have to think about that? Because Jamie is actually our pet sitter and our dog walker. And Tara’s trying to decide if we’re “Belleville’s elite”.

[00:03:25.480] – Tara Lyons
I was looking at the word going “elite, what’s an elite”? I feel like I’m drinking and I haven’t.

[00:03:32.940] – Jamie Ellis
She’s wasted!

[00:03:35.020] – Tom Lyons
I should have done the intro.

[00:03:36.840] – Tara Lyons
Do you want to talk real quick about something that Jamie has been doing?Because it’s near and dear to our heart. If you all know what we’ve been doing with shields, he has been making masks. And he has been doing them with his own hands and he has been getting them out to the essential workers and to the public. And he has just been doing a great job and he’s had all kinds of fun patterns and stuff. So we want to thank you for all the time that you’ve taken to do that as well. So if you look in the comments below, you can see the information on that as well.

[00:04:19.710] – Tom Lyons
Yeah, we’ll be linking to Jamie’s Facebook page as well. So if you do need to get a hold of them, you’ll be able get a hold of them through that, through direct message however you want.

[00:04:28.580] – Tara Lyons
He’s also a columnist and he’s also a vet tech. And he’s been working in animal hospitals since ’96. So if you want to do the math for you, that’s 24 years. And can I just say it’s a peace of mind when we have Jamie look after our dear River, that everybody knows and loves and we love so much, when we go away we never have to worry. Because he has, not just somebody who’s here and loving her the way he does. But he has the skills needed if something happens and he takes her out or walks, looks after her when we go away and we never worry about a thing. And we always refer to him, and refer him. Refer to you and refer you. Without further ado, what’s “vet tech”?

[00:05:13.700] – Jamie Ellis
So a veterinary technician is like an R.N. There is no real equivalent to human medicine is a vet tech. Because you do a normal nursing, but you’re also the pharmacist, the X-ray tech, the phlebotomist. Yeah, all that fun stuff.

[00:05:30.840] – Tom Lyons
Yeah so anyway, Jamie, one of the things that we brought you on for was, there’s been a lot of heat this summer. Like super hot! I mean we’ve had with the humidex, we’ve had over 40 degrees Celsius. That is kind of a special kind of special for most pets! What are the things that we should be looking for with dogs and with cats and in pets in general to keep them safe in this type of heat?

[00:05:58.200] – Jamie Ellis
Basically, if it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for your dog. It’s just easy, short and sweet, just like me. So dogs, well, you don’t really need to be a vet tech to know when it’s too hot for yourself. Even my five year old niece, like, you know, this was like five, six years ago, when she was five she went “Spike come inside, it’s too hot”. So if a five year old can go “it’s too hot” then you know, bring the dogs in. You should be able to. If you’re thinking about going for dog walks or anything like that, you can. I know Tara puts her hand right on the sidewalk just to see is it too hot? You can also take your shoes off because dogs don’t have shoes. They can’t, and cats don’t wear shoes either, usually.

[00:06:46.920] – Julie Martin
That would be entertaining to watch!

[00:06:48.660] – Tom Lyons
When River gets her winter boots on, I don’t know about anybody else, but she does that, “Why? I’m going to step all over the place” thing.

[00:06:56.300] – Jamie Ellis
They’re like the Goose-step, Godzilla kind of thing! Yeah so for, there’s a huge difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion, just like with people. So heat exhaustion means you’re tired. You don’t have to be sent to the hospital. Heat stroke is just like a regular stroke, like it is a serious thing. You need to be on an I.V., you’re usually in the hospital for a day or a week, depending on how bad you are. Dogs and cats with short noses, so like River, her nose isn’t that that short compared to others. But the shorter nose, the more higher risk you are. Age is also a factor. So either really little. So little puppies they don’t know better. So they’ll just keep running around like crazy people. They can get heat stress or heat exhaustion or they can even die. Same thing with older dogs. Your dogs on any medication or cats or anything like that. So if they have a heart condition and they’re on what you guys would call like a water pill. That also dehydrates you quite a bit. So then if you have a heart condition and you’re on those pills, you have less water in your system. And then if you have a heart condition already because you’re on the Lasiks, that’s just like a suicide pill kind of thing. So I know Tara you have asthma. So dogs are like people with asthma. Or any pre health issues. Like if you can’t breathe, the heat’s just gonna make things worse.

[00:08:30.660] – Tom Lyons
So one of our pets, if we think it gets overheated, what would you do first? What should you do?

[00:08:38.070] – Jamie Ellis
The first thing you need to do is bring the temperature down. Now most people would just like get ice water something like that. You’re just going to make things worse. So air conditioning is a wonderful thing. Just like with people. You can give them a bath, just make sure it’s warm. Like what the temperature should be or even our temperature or like our body temperature would be a little bit safer. Dogs and cats actually have a higher body temperature than we do. So if it’s just slightly, you can just bring the inside. Make sure they have nice cool water, not cold, cold but cool water. You can put, we don’t want them to drink too much, but if they refuse to drink, that’s when you should be getting kind of concerned. And that’s when you should probably call the vet so they know what’s happening. So they probably won’t say you have to come in right now, but you already gave them a heads up. So if they know that, you know, you might be coming down the road, they can have everything ready for you.

[00:09:34.490] – Tara Lyons
We used to do that with River when she was a puppy. We were trying to figure out she was just becoming lethargic. And she was, this was before we knew Jamie, and she was dehydrated. So we wound up to take her and they gave her an injection and got her rehydrated again. And she was a puppy. And that was probably it, right? Running around and..

[00:09:52.810] – Tom Lyons
Not paying attention, not getting a drink when she should’ve got a drink even though water was around right?

[00:09:57.320] – Jamie Ellis
Yeah. You can feel their chest likes, especially if they’re a little like puppies or even a smaller dog, like a shih-tzu, like River or a pug or whatever. You can actually feel their heartbeat again. Their heartbeat is faster than ours. But if you can really feel it, like if you can feel Rivers’ heart pounding, it’s time to call the vet. Because if you can feel it, feel it, you’re starting to get into the heat exhaustion or heat stroke kind of phase on things. You should also where you don’t like, I keep using River as an example. She is black. So she had to be a lot more. She also has a smaller body mass. So just like with humans, children, the smaller you are, you tend to have more issues because there’s less, there’s more surface area around your skin. So you can raise your temperature a lot faster.

[00:10:46.730] – Julie Martin
So as you may know, I have a German shepherd. Now she has lots of fur. That’s why she loves the winter, because it’s the only time she’s not hot. Any extras? Tips for like a super thick coated dog or kind of same rules apply?

[00:11:06.440] – Jamie Ellis
Same rules do apply. I have an American Eskimo husky. She is going to be 18 next week so she can vote now. So that’s exciting! So I take her to get these shedded at like little stinkers or there’s lots of groomers, they have the high velocity kind of blower’s.

[00:11:29.420] – Tara Lyons
River’s actually decided that she likes being vacuumed!

[00:11:32.570] – Jamie Ellis
If they like being vacuumed, go with that. As long as you don’t put the beater bar on, so they don’t get stressed out because then they won’t like it as much anymore. Poor little monkey! But yeah, if they like being vacuumed, go with that! You can get a lot of stuff, you can even get your normal dirt out of it.

[00:11:53.870] – Tom Lyons
Jamie what services do you do?

[00:11:57.560] – Jamie Ellis
So I do in-your home pet care. So I come to you versus you come to me which is always nice. So I’m, I do dog walks, pet sitting, medications. I do normal dogs like River, but I specialize in dogs with special needs. So separation anxiety, diabetics, epilepsy, that kind of stuff. Also for people, I can also do medication only visits. I get people that like Monday to Friday, people that work longer hours. I do pee breaks. That’s usually for older dogs or puppies that don’t quite qualify for doggy day care. I have quite a few clients that are older, so I call them my little ladies, even though they’re not usually all that older. Some of them are men. So they’re able to walk the dog or they have a nice back yard, but they’re not able to give their dogs a walk walk. So once, twice, three times a week, I stop by and take your dog for a nice hike, vacations. I’m getting a lot more like when you guys were gone for a week or two, I stay right at your house. People that don’t want somebody to stay at their house or I’m booked like I’m getting bookings for August 2022 right now, for a destination wedding. So I can, you know, I can only sleep at one house at night so I can do visits at your house. Or if you have a cat and you’re gone for a week or a month, I can show up every day, every other day, whatever. Just to make sure the cat, the cats are okay. And also the house, the pipes have burst or anything like that. So I’m getting more like destination weddings.

[00:13:34.210] – Tom Lyons

[00:13:36.260] – Tara Lyons
That’s excellent. So as we said, we got Jaimie’s information below. So if you do need somebody for any of these services, he’s awesome. We recommend him. People of the people that have used them as well. OK. So I think that’s everything for Tour Tuesday, too I don’t think there’s anything else we need to.. So that means..

[00:13:58.340] – Team Tara Lyons
Tour Tuesday out!