Tour Tuesday and the Chief Deputy

[00:00:00.180] – Team Tara Lyons
Its Tour Tuesday!

[00:00:06.510] – Tom Lyons
It’s the Tuesday you can’t tour homes, and we can’t either. Oh wait I said that backwards! Today we can’t tour your homes, and you can’t either. So we’re doing it here.

[00:00:18.810] – Julie Martin
Hey! Did we get any votes on Talk Tuesday versus..

[00:00:22.920] – Tara Lyons
Nobody wants Talk Tuesday, everybody likes Tour Tuesday. I was shot down.

[00:00:29.880] – Tom Lyons
You were shot down. Everybody loves Tour Tuesday. You can’t just knock it off.

[00:00:35.250] – Tara Lyons
Not allowed to change it.

[00:00:36.630] – Julie Martin
No changing. Too much change in this world.

[00:00:42.090] – Tom Lyons
Thank you everybody who voted because I wanted to keep Tour Tuesday.

[00:00:48.330] – Tara Lyons
So Tom and I took a couple of days off or tried to, but it really is our spring market in the summer. And Julie was swamped and we still wound up working. So we might have to try that again at some point.

[00:01:07.230] – Julie Martin
Winter vacation?

[00:01:09.330] – Tara Lyons
Winter vacation maybe.

[00:01:11.310] – Tom Lyons
I don’t know what we’re going to do for winter, right? You can’t go anywhere.

[00:01:16.020] – Tara Lyons
Tom’s all worried.

[00:01:17.130] – Tom Lyons
Everybody’s gonna- I am! And not just for me. I mean for everybody out there who we know, nobody can go anywhere. And everybody tries to get away in February, January because it’s bitter cold.

[00:01:30.530] – Tara Lyons
It’s true. True story. Let’s suck up the heat because we’re certainly getting a lot of that. So it was interesting. CIBC, who was it Tom from CIBC that put that out?

[00:01:53.400] – Tom Lyons
They had Benjamin Tal, he is the Chief Deputy Economist for CIBC.

[00:01:59.730] – Tara Lyons
Yes. So he put out a really good interview with Richard Robbins, who is number one coach for realtors across the country.

[00:02:08.850] – Tom Lyons
I’ll link to that for everybody, if you want to read it.

[00:02:11.280] – Tara Lyons
Yeah, it was. It was really interesting because during covid things, and I know we’ve been telling our clients this and we’ve been telling you our audience, is every week things are changing and there’s been a lot of talk about what’s going to happen come the fall. And it’s been a lot of, I won’t say negative, I’d say cautionary talk. Saying that we may see this change in our economy come the fall. So I think we’re still going to see that, according to this economist. But what’s potentially going to happen isn’t going to be as dire as what may have been talked about a week ago or even two weeks ago. So they’re saying, yes we’re going to see a turn, and that’s inevitable. But it may not last very long and it may not be as negative as what initially was thought. So it was actually quite positive and really interesting to read. I’d recommend checking out the link that we post here because it’s positive. And one of the things we’ve been feeling is we are still so shy on listings. If you are thinking of selling, now is the time, especially if you have a place, another place to go or so that you can take some time to find something. Or if you’re thinking of going into retirement home or if you’re thinking of going into a rental or something like that, then this is really a great time for you to sell. Because it is definitely still a seller’s market.

[00:03:30.780] – Tom Lyons
We’re still seeing multiple offers on things. We’re still seeing homes sell relatively quickly. It’s really crazy yeah.

[00:03:38.310] – Tara Lyons
So we do have some great properties on the market. We have 1223 Massassauga Road that’s located down, it’s a waterfront home. It’s a beautiful home that you actually have.. It’s a big home yeah. Where you have income potential if you want or if you want it as a secondary living, because you know what, you want to get out of the big cities and have a really great place to come and enjoy a waterfront. It’s also near a conservation area, within walking distance with lots of trails. So it’s nice and private, and lots of opportunity with that one. We also have, what else have we got? We’ve got one on 2145 Blessington Road. This is a really great bungalow that’s had all kinds of updates and it’s also got an attached double garage. But it’s also got a separate outbuilding that makes a great workshop. You can make the ladies den or a man’s den or whatever you want there. And it’s out in the country too. And really easy access to the roads to get back into town easy. And then Julie, we have a couple others you want to talk about?

[00:04:40.450] – Julie Martin
Yeah so back in the county, 89 County Road 1. It’s just kind of on the outskirts of Picton. So kind of a great location with pizza delivery, if that’s important to you. Yeah this is a big deal!

[00:04:55.950] – Tom Lyons
Big deal for me!

[00:04:58.300] – Julie Martin
It’s a raised bungalow. 3 bedrooms on the main floor and 2 down in the basement. One bath, huge attached to garage like a four car garage, and then a huge detached workshop as well. So lots of room for the toys. Just down the road from the Millennium Trail. About an acre lot there so that one’s got lots of potential. It’s also got like a bonus room with a separate entrance would be great for a home based business. Yeah so that one’s a really good one. And what else we got? We’ve got one at 360 Bleecker. That’s a new listing last week. It’s a two storey or two and a half storey, I guess, century brick home. 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, detached garage with workshop and a loft. So really nice sized home, updated. It’s got new wiring, plumbing, furnace, windows, but it’s got all that original charm of the century home. So that’s a really good one. And what else we got?

[00:06:07.540] – Tara Lyons
We have one at 1214 Enright Road. This is a really nice Colorado and again it’s in a country setting. And it’s a beautiful home actually. It’s got really nice privacy around you, so anybody who’s looking for that. And it’s a 3 bedroom, it’s got really nice vaulted ceilings. It’s got that open concept kitchen, living room, dining area that people are looking for. And it’s got a full finished basement as well, and an attached garage too. And then we also have 2298 Moira Road and that is beautiful two story home that sit on- sit, sitted, sat, seated.. Sits on a 65 acres or just under 65 acres. All kinds of trails and privacy and all that good stuff out there too with an attached double car garage, detached double car garage. Another detached outbuilding has been used for dogs in the past and it’s got an in-ground saltwater pool, hot tub, fenced area for the kids and animals and all of that and a nice finished basement as well, and updated bathrooms and gorgeous hardwood inlaid floors. So we’ve got that one. And we also have 113048 Highway 7.

[00:07:24.580] – Julie Martin
Oh yes our Kaladar one. Its a half story just in the village of Kaladar. And it’s a 4 bedroom 1 bath with a detached shared garage. About a half acre lot. It’s got some beautiful rock face kind of in the backyard. Lots of updates on that one as well. Windows, furnace, hot water tank, sump pump, kitchen. So great little starter home actually or retirement home there.

[00:08:01.510] – Tara Lyons
So I think other than that..

[00:08:04.150] – Tom Lyons
It’s a relatively slow news week right so, yeah.

[00:08:08.560] – Julie Martin
Long weekend coming up!

[00:08:10.180] – Tara Lyons
Long weekend. What’s everybody doing for the long weekend? We need some ideas.

[00:08:14.440] – Julie Martin

[00:08:22.540] – Tara Lyons
Poor Julie she had 2 weddings she was supposed to be at..

[00:08:25.660] – Julie Martin
Yeah they’re all next year. Next year is going to be crazy for weddings, I think.

[00:08:31.330] – Tara Lyons
Watch! Like it’s going to be nuts for weddings next year!

[00:08:34.300] – Julie Martin
Yeah I think we might try and check out Dry Lake. I don’t know if anybody has ever been to this place.

[00:08:42.790] – Tom Lyons
Sounds like a good swimming place, that’s for sure.

[00:08:46.350] – Julie Martin
It’s off of Moneymore Road which as you know is my favorite road. But it’s a really cool place that it’s not sand, it’s almost like a clay and the water super shallow for a long time. And it’s really warm. It’s really cool place.

[00:09:06.650] – Tom Lyons
Yeah we have to get pictures first.

[00:09:08.960] – Julie Martin
Yeah I’ll post a picture..

[00:09:11.220] – Tara Lyons
Alright on that note everybody..

[00:09:11.230] – Team Tara Lyons
Tour Tuesday out!