Tour Tuesday and Mushroom Tom

It’s Tour Tuesday!

And it’s the Tour Tuesday that we go and tour, no we don’t tour the homes- I’m a mushroom.

We’ve decided that we should show you the different things that you can do with Zoom. Because we’re going to be doing this for a while! We thought it should be fun. So, who better to show this to you but Tom?

Tom makes us laugh!

This much and makes a good podium for my next speech. I’m a mushroom.

So, two things. Next week you’re going to want to join us because, next week we have Jamie Ellis of Ellis Pet Care coming on and we’re going to be interviewing him. And let me just tell you, he rocks! He looks after our little River and she loves him. And he takes her for long walks and looks after her. We have to go away. So you will learn more about Jamie next week?

And just to add to that, we’re going to be talking about pet health care in this type of heat. That’s one of the main topics that we’re going to be bringing up. Jamie is a vet tech, and so he has lots of great information to share on what to do to keep your pet healthy.

The other thing too is if you’re a client of ours, we will be sending out an invitation for our Mixology Zoom Night. We thought this would be a great appreciation event. It’s going to be on July 23rd, you’ll receive an e-mail. If you do not receive an e-mail in the next couple days, please send us a quick text. Maybe we ran into a technical issue, or we have something inputted incorrectly. So we want to make sure that you are invited.

And sometimes e-mails and stuff end up in spam, that sort of thing. So if you don’t get it let us know, because it’s important for us to know. We had that happen for a customer appreciation event and we’re sad because some people didn’t get their invites.

So please make sure that you check that. So again, July 23rd from 5:30pm to 6:30pm. And the three of us have each picked a drink that, we will surprise you. You’re going to wind up with actually with an email with the list of ingredients to go out and pack up, so that you can make the drinks while we’re making the drinks. So they’re non-alcoholic, alcoholic, slushy. So it’s going to be fun. A good mix for adults and kids. We’re excited about that. We have a new listing. We have a great listing at 1214 Enright Road. And if you Google map it, Google has it a little bit wrong there. It’s about a kilometer and a half away from where they have it mapped. So just look for the sign and the address when you’re driving down Enright Road. So this is actually a really great home. It’s just over 3 acres in the country and it is a Colorado style. And it’s got a double car attached garage, it’s got 3 bedrooms up. 2 full bathrooms, both en-suites and a nice open concept kitchen, living room and dining area with vault ceilings and a full finished basement with a recreation room that has a wood stove, a 4-piece bath. It’s got a playroom at the back that you could actually make into one or two more bedrooms and that’s got the door into the bathroom as well. So really great property if you’re interested. Whatelse has been going on, Julie?

It’s been crazy!

Oh Julie, Julie..

The market is on fire right now.

Feeling hot, hot, hot.

Yeah, completely. But we are still being told that we’re going to have a decline in the fall. So if you’re looking to list your home, get it on. Because things are hot right now and they may not be hot when COVID comes back in the fall. Not that it is gone anywhere, it is still here.

Second surge. We’re coming into phase 3. Phase 3 open some things up, so stay tuned watch the newsfeed, then we’ll get to that.

Yeah, just a note on that, too, is we’re not changing- even though phase 3 is here, we’re not changing our processes. It is still you know, bundle yourself up, disinfect the homes, put the masks on, right? If you can do the virtual tour, drive past the home first. Like all of those things, the idea is still we want to keep everybody as safe as possible. So, you know, just plan ahead. Plan ahead for it and ask us. We’ll make sure that you’re all set up and ready to go.

Yes, so I think that’s about it.

Said the mushroom.

Said the mushroom. Tom will be live and in person next week.

People say I’m a fun guy!

All right, we’re gonna end on that note..

Tour Tuesday out!