Tour Tuesday and the Crazy Market

[00:00:01.320] – Team Tara Lyons
It’s Tour Tuesday!

[00:00:01.880] – Julie Martin
And Tom is Tom today!

[00:00:09.150] – Tom Lyons
It’s Tom! Just normal Tom. It’s not mushroom Tom, it’s not gingerbread Tom, it’s not just any Tom.

[00:00:17.910] – Julie Martin
We just wanted to make sure you remembered what Tom look like, the real Tom.

[00:00:23.590] – Tom Lyons

[00:00:25.600] – Tara Lyons
So we have a really great property we mentioned at 381 Wilson Road, and it’s a 3 bedroom up with beautiful natural light, hardwood floors. It’s got an en suite bathroom, walk in closet, 2 more bedrooms, another bathroom, another 2 pc bathroom, walk out to the garage. Double car attached, there’s also a detached, double car garage. And then it’s got a full walk out basement as well with patio doors that walk right out to a patio and overlooking the backyard.

[00:00:56.330] – Tom Lyons
Which is beautiful!

[00:00:57.420] – Tara
Yeah big rec room with a wood stove and it’s a beautiful home. So book your viewing today!

[00:01:02.610] – Team Tara Lyons
Yup! Yeah.

[00:01:05.070] – Tara Lyons
What else have we got? We’ve got one on County Road 1.

[00:01:07.950] – Julie Martin
Oh yes! We’ve got 89 County Road 1. It’s like a raised bungalow, Colorado style, 3 bedrooms and a full bath on the main floor and then a couple more bedrooms and a rough in bath on the lower level. It’s got kind of a bonus room that would be perfect space with its own entrance for a home based business of some sort. Also has an attached 4 car garage and a detached workshop that would..

[00:01:39.110] – Tara Lyons
Lots of room for the toys!

[00:01:41.620] – Julie Martin
Just on the outskirts of Picton, just on about an acre there.

[00:01:45.830] – Tara Lyons
Yup! Not far from the Sandbanks either.

[00:01:49.300] – Julie Martin
Yeah, it’s close to all the attractions.

[00:01:51.920] – Tom Lyons

[00:01:53.690] – Tara Lyons
We have another one 1223 MASSASSAUGA ROAD, located down in the county on, actually not that far from Belleville, like a 10 minute drive into Bellville. Big house. And it’s right on the water, beautiful waterfront. And you’ve got all kinds of bedrooms. Many of the bedrooms have ensuite bathrooms as well. And there is currently income with the property as well and there’s also an apartment in the basement. And a 2nd storey, it’s a 2 storey home. So.. And it’s really close to the conservation area. So you can walk and do the trails. So call us about that one. That one’s a pretty neat house too.

[00:02:32.000] – Julie Martin
I think the only other one we’ve got left is 360 Bleecker and it’s in the Old East Hill in Belleville. It’s a 2 storey brick century home, 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 full bathrooms. It’s been nicely updated but it still has all that original century home charm and it’s got a detached garage with loft space and workshop.

[00:02:58.760] – Tara Lyons
There’s a nice yard with that one too. I know a lot of people are looking for a bit of yard space, so.

[00:03:03.980] – Julie Martin
And lots of parking, which is good.

[00:03:07.710] – Tom Lyons

[00:03:08.190] – Tara Lyons
I know we’ve sold everything, almost.

[00:03:12.230] – Tom Lyons
Well, look at the stats that we saw today, right.

[00:03:21.860] – Tara Lyons
So get your pen up. This is for Belleville. We are up 16% in sales over 2019, 17% in selling price over 2019. And to give you an idea of what that means, in 2019 the average house price in Belleville was $328,000, it is now $385,000.

[00:03:46.760] – Julie Martin
That’s just for July.

[00:03:52.030] – Tara Lyons
This is just for July! July to July. Good point. And again for Trenton, July to July, average house price in 2019 was $272,000 and for 2020, $379,000. That’s up 39%. And then it was up 34% in sales over July of last year. And then Prince Edward County in 2019 the average sale price was $482,000, this year $552,000. That is up 14% and sales up 90% over last year. So those are just some of the few areas. We have stats for other areas too. We’re more than welcome to tell you about.

[00:04:35.780] – Tara Lyons
Interesting when you bring it down to what’s on the market right now, this is as of today, this is the 11th of August. In Belleville and Thurlow, not including new home builds, we only have in all price categories, 80 residential resale homes on the market. 18 of them are under $300,000. So if you are looking for a home under $300,000, talk to us. If it’s not us, get your realtor involved because we will find out about them before a lot of other places. So let us help you find your home, because it is a tight market here.

[00:05:17.820] – Tom Lyons
It’s tough to find home.

[00:05:20.670] – Tara Lyons
Let us help.

[00:05:21.810] – Tom Lyons
But crazy.. Like that’s crazy numbers!

[00:05:24.690] – Tara Lyons
I know!

[00:05:25.630] – Tom Lyons
Just imagine if your investments were doing that well. What was Trenton, Trenton was 39%, 39% year over year. That’s an annual return of 39%.

[00:05:38.940] – Tara Lyons
That’s pretty amazing!

[00:05:40.360] – Tom Lyons
Pretty darn spiffy considering interest rates are around 3%.

[00:05:45.750] – Team Tara Lyons
Pretty crazy.

[00:05:48.880] – Tom Lyons
Buy a home people. Buy a home! Come on.

[00:05:52.240] – Tara Lyons
So buy a home, is what Tom’s saying.

[00:05:55.190] – Tom Lyons
That’s what I’m saying. Get in there. Get in, get in. Charla’s coming this way every day, like we see it. And I know there’s a lot of uncertainty around Covid, people feel that. But the reality is, is that there are a couple million people that do not want to live in that city, that would like to go somewhere else. And they are working their way this way and we see it more every year.

[00:06:19.000] – Julie Martin
From all directions, not just, Ottawa direction is also coming this way.

[00:06:26.080] – Tara Lyons
So if you’re thinking of selling, give us a call. It’s good. Good market.

[00:06:29.980] – Julie Martin

[00:06:31.870] – Tara Lyons
Don’t forget to jot the remarks below. What are you doing this summer? With all the staycations and everything. There’s all kinds of people on holidays, so we’re just curious, what’s everybody doing? Any suggestions are welcome.

[00:06:45.410] – Julie Martin
Yeah. And what kind of, what kind of home improvements are you doing? Because I know a lot of people, because they’re spending more time at home, they’re doing updates to their home to make it. You know, their Zen Zone, as we like to call it. Let us know what you’re, what improvements and things that you’re doing.

[00:07:03.040] – Tom Lyons
Take pictures and then we’ll share them in the post and stuff like that. We’ll share them in future Tour Tuesdays, stuff like that. So people can see the beautiful stuff that you’ve done!

[00:07:13.530] – Julie Martin
I know a lot of people are adding pools and hot tubs. I mean, if you can’t go to a community pool, then, you know, you’re better off having one at home, I guess, right?

[00:07:25.530] – Tara Lyons
Yes. Yes. OK, well, that’s Tour Tuesday!

[00:07:32.310] – Team Tara Lyons
Tour Tuesday out!