Tour Tuesday and the Ginger Bread Man

[00:00:04.790] – Team Tara Lyons
It’s Tour Tuesday!

[00:00:04.850] – Tom Lyons
It’s the gumdrop special.. Hi everybody!

[00:00:16.110] – Julie Martin
Tom’s looking! Oh dear..

[00:00:16.560] – Tara Lyons
So we do have a new listing this week, we have one on 381 Wilson Road, just north of Bellville for about 15 minutes, in a really pretty country setting. Really nice road. And it’s a bungalow, a nice stone and fine bungalow, and it sits on just about just under two acres and it has open concept living, dining and kitchen area with nice hardwood floors, three bedrooms up, and then a really nice big full finished basement walk out. So you’ve got patio doors that walk out to the back and it’s full finished down there with a nice wood stove in the recreation room. And yeah. So take a look at that online. It it’ll be showing up today or tomorrow online.

[00:01:09.070] – Tom Lyons

[00:01:09.070] – Tara Lyons
We got a crazy busy weekend, didn’t we, Julie?

[00:01:13.990] – Julie Martin
We’re selling everything and sometimes trying twice.

[00:01:19.630] – Tom Lyons

[00:01:22.220] – Julie Martin
I’m sorry..

[00:01:24.700] – Tom Lyons
People are still really looking to move like they’re still looking to buy and sell like it’s..

[00:01:30.130] – Tara Lyons
If you’re thinking of selling, it is hot, hot, hot.. Sell, sell, sell..

[00:01:38.560] – Tom Lyons
Yup! Lots of people from Toronto still coming in.

[00:01:40.970] – Team Tara Lyons
Yup, yeah. Lots of people.

[00:01:44.980] – Tara Lyons
We don’t have very many listings left, actually. And the ones we do, I think half of them have offers on them.

[00:01:50.380] – Julie Martin
Yeah. We now only have four and.. Yeah..

[00:01:55.030] – Tara Lyons
Five? And..

[00:01:59.830] – Julie Martin
I can’t keep track.

[00:02:02.980] – Tara Lyons
Well, you know six, because we’ve got the one coming on today. So it’s so strange.. Yeah, we sold, we’ve sold most of them. So, but we do have some buyers that are looking for some things. So if you are thinking of selling and you’ve got something that meet the following criteria that Julie’s going to tell you about, then let us come out and take a look.

[00:02:22.360] – Julie Martin
Yeah, absolutely! We’ve got.. I’ve got lots of buyers and of course, nothing for them to buy.. But I have a couple looking for a kind of raised bungalow Colorado style in the country, doesn’t have to be a huge house, open concept, up to $475,000, preferably North of the 401, but open to kind of the county or anywhere in the Quinte area. Their house is sold and they’re ready to buy. Who else do I have? Hmm.. I’ve got lots! I can’t even keep track. And another couple looking for kind of a Victorian style, around the 300 mark, really, you know Bellville, Trenton area. They are also eager and ready to buy. Yeah, well, it’s coming to mind at the moment, but there’s more. I know there’s more!

[00:03:29.390] – Tara Lyons
So yeah.. So give us a call. We’re more than happy to help you out to list a home.

[00:03:34.920] – Tom Lyons
Been a slow newsweek on the.. Nothing’s really been going on that heavily with interest rates. Nothing’s really going on heavily with uhm.. I mean everybody knows the market is fast and furious right now, but that’s been the case for for a while. So it’s not a whole lot going on there, which is good news because at least people don’t have to think about that. They can just go out there and enjoy their summer.

[00:03:59.110] – Tara Lyons
Yeah, I think that’s what people are doing right now. A lot of people that would have taken holidays in June and July, they’re now starting to take them. And that actually includes lawyer’s offices and, you know, bank underwriters and that type of thing. So a lot of them are going on holiday. So things are even a little bit slower to try and get done now.

[00:04:19.780] – Tom Lyons
Well, that’s a good point. I think you had mentioned the other day that some of the law offices are capacity for the end of August.

[00:04:26.770] – Tara Lyons
So, yeah, our end of August right now is what our end of June is usually like because our Spring was shifted so much, that if you’re looking at having a closing.. the lot like kind of the 28th, the 31st of August, that’s a Friday and a Monday, you might not be able to. So really make sure you double check those dates with your lawyers, because they are starting to get at capacity in a lot of places right now because, because you can only close so many houses, right. They’d be so busy. So you may want to choose not to do the Friday or the Monday, but maybe do the Wednesday, Thursday or the Tuesday or Wednesday following week.

[00:05:05.540] – Julie Martin
Another thing to keep in mind, and I know we try and remind people of this, but if you’re buying and you need to buy appliances or you know, some significant items, try to hold off until after your deal closes because the lenders are pulling credit bureaus like 48 hours prior to closing, to make sure that you haven’t went out and spent a whole bunch of money and that can cause a big issue with your financing when it closes.

[00:05:37.100] – Tom Lyons
Same as furniture, a new car, or anything like that. New credit card.. Like just hold off until after..

[00:05:44.860] – Team Tara Lyons
Yeah, yeah, yeah.

[00:05:47.500] – Tara Lyons
That really, really, really includes.. I’ll use an example of the brick. Like if you go out and get a brick card and say it’s a $5000 dollar limit, that will go against your debt ratio, even though you don’t pay on it for maybe it’s a year or whatever. So you’ve got to remember that whole amount will be used towards your debt ratio. So don’t do it until after your purchase.

[00:06:13.770] – Tom Lyons
We know it’s exciting.. It’s a lot of fun, but just wait it out..

[00:06:16.480] – Julie Martin
Yeah yeah…

[00:06:17.260] – Tara Lyons
Yup! For sure it’s a really good point, Julie! Thank you for making that because a lot of people don’t realize it.

[00:06:24.580] – Julie Martin
Yeah, we know you need it, but..

[00:06:29.020] – Tom Lyons
Just hold off..

[00:06:30.520] – Julie Martin
Hold off, I know..

[00:06:32.800] – Tara Lyons
Unless it fits within your financing and you talk to your bank about it before you do it.

[00:06:37.180] – Julie Martin

[00:06:38.380] – Tara Lyons
Yeah. So I think that’s it. It’s a kind of a short and sweet Tour Tuesday. I hope everybody’s enjoying the weather that we’ve been having. Yes, it’s Tuesday and yes, it’s raining.. but we’re trying to enjoy a little bit of snippet here and there when we can, during this busy season that we have. So and I know a lot of people are going to start thinking about school and getting their kids ready for school and what that entails. I know the new guidelines came out, so I, and Labor Day is actually a little bit later this year. So it’s kind of the second week of September that school actually starts. So, yeah, a lot of people are wanting in that, you know, one to two week before..

[00:07:21.760] – Julie Martin
Yeah, get the kids settled in in the new house and..

[00:07:26.730] – Tom Lyons
All stocked up too with new new stuff..

[00:07:30.000] – Julie Martin
New stuff.. No sharing of anything..

[00:07:33.970] – Tara Lyons
It’s a good thing we didn’t have the Cookie Monster on with us to so..

[00:07:38.760] – Tom Lyons
That’s like a nightmare for me. Why would you bring a Cookie Monster out? The biggest boogeyman there’s ever been.

[00:07:58.120] – Team Tara Lyons
Tour Tuesday, out!