Tour Tuesday and the Julie Offer

Team 0:02
It’s Tour Tuesday!

Tom Lyons 0:05
Without Julie.

Tara Lyons 0:05
We’re missing Julie. She’s off working.

Tom Lyons 0:08
She’s doing an offer.

Tara Lyons 0:09
She’s making an offer for our buyer, peeps. Good luck! She had to present so you can’t miss the presentation.

Tom Lyons 0:18

Tara Lyons 0:18
Which she can. When you have us representing you as a Buyer’s Rep. That’s one of the things that we go out and do. When we can. Sometimes the seller doesn’t want it or they’re out of town or whatever. But we have ways around that as well.

Tom Lyons 0:35
But you stand a better chance when we present the offer.

Tara Lyons 0:38
Yes you do!

Tom Lyons 0:40
We can make a real case for you. We can explain why you’re the best purchaser of the home.

Tara Lyons 0:45
Story can really help sometimes, sometimes even if your offer may not be the highest price or maybe it has an extra condition or something. Sometimes that story really helps.

Tom Lyons 0:54
We have lots of examples where we have not been the highest price going into multiple offers. But because we’re the ones that presented it..

Tara Lyons 1:02
Yup. Then they like the story..

Tom Lyons 1:04
Then they’d won the offer.

Tara Lyons 1:09
You have to remember, selling a property is quite often very emotional for people because it’s their biggest asset. They’ve got memories to go with that house. So they’re attached to it in a lot of cases, not all cases, but it could be a parent’s house, you know, it could be their first home and, and that type of thing. So there’s emotions that go with that. So we help.. Interest rates, what were the interest rates today?

Tom Lyons 1:35
Oh! 2.35.. There are offers out there for 2.35. So with the with the reduction of the stress test, the reduction of the interest rates, your buying power has gone up, your qualification capabilities have probably improved. So if you haven’t, if you haven’t asked in a while, maybe ask again get a hold of us. We can get you in touch with a mortgage broker or, one of the bank specialists, right and then get you set up. Yeah.. crazy crazy interest rates!

Tara Lyons 2:06
I don’t even remember the last time we saw that.

Tom Lyons 2:08
I think the lowest we’ve seen is 1.99. And at these rates we might get back to them.

Tara Lyons 2:16
The nicest part along with that is the fact that they’re actually reducing the stress test to go with it. So they haven’t reduced it to where it was. But we’re hoping maybe in April, we’ll see another reduction in it. But right now, it’s still reduced a little bit. I think it’s half point..

Tom Lyons 2:34
Still a really good, really good news. So..

Tara Lyons 2:37
It’s all good all around. It’s helping!

Tom Lyons 2:39
Nothing to complain about.

Tara Lyons 2:41
So if you have a home that you’re thinking of selling this spring, our spring is here!

Tom Lyons 2:45

Tara Lyons 2:46
Loving it! And if you are looking to buy, we can help you through that process. It’s a little challenging compared to what it used to be in the last couple years it’s changed a lot. So you want to talk to somebody who really knows, and knows how to maneuver in this market and we certainly do that.

Tom Lyons 3:02
And if you’re thinking about, if you’re thinking about getting it on. Don’t delay now at this point yeah getting the home on the market. Don’t delay at this point, spring market is here. It’s not coming anymore, it’s here. The warm weather has brought it a little bit early. And you want to get on it. You don’t want to miss it. Every day that you miss spring market is a sad day.

Tara Lyons 3:25
Notice it’s raining on a Tuesday. What I’m really happy about is, I don’t see very much snow anywhere. That makes Tara a happy camper!

Tom Lyons 3:33
Super happy even if it is raining.

Tara Lyons 3:34
Yes! Slip on shoes again..

Tom Lyons 3:40
What else do we have? Is that it?

Tara Lyons 3:42
That’s it! We’ll have Julie back with us in the next Tour Tuesday.. Tour Tuesday..

Tom Lyons 3:48
We’re gonna do it again, wait wait wait..

Team 3:51
One, two, three: Tour Tuesday out!