Tour Tuesday and The Social Distance Done

Tara Lyons 0:00
It’s Tour Tuesday! Yay!

Tom Lyons 0:06
And we’re practicing social distancing. Even in our house.

Tara Lyons 0:10
Our home. I’m on the main level at my dining room table. This is where I’ve been working for the last week.

Tom Lyons 0:15
And I’m upstairs in my office. This is how we’re meeting with clients.

Tara Lyons 0:22
This is! This is how we’re going to be doing our market analysis.

Tom Lyons 0:26
Yeah. You’re walking people through documents in Zoom. We’re using that’s the tool that we’ve been using. We also use Loom. Not to be confused with Zoom.

Tara Lyons 0:42
Lots of people have been getting our Loom videos. Yeah. makes it easy for me to remember Loom, Zoom.

Tom Lyons 0:51
But yeah, it works. It works pretty good. You’re able to walk them through documents, you’re able to talk to them, you’re able to do almost everything that you did before.

Tara Lyons 1:00
True. And so people are wondering what’s going on.

Real estate is considered an essential service. And we are getting that question Why? Well, shelter is an essential service. So we have to, you have to remember this has only been going on here for a couple weeks. And we have people that sold their homes over the last several months and haven’t found homes to move to. And so they need to move and find a house. So we are still listing. We’re still selling, bringing those buyers and sellers together, but we’re just doing it in a very different way. So we have all the precautions in place when it comes to health, with the gloves and the masks and the Purell and the social distancing. We actually, I just was out of the house yesterday for a seller and they couldn’t be home while I was there. So I went through and I called them while I was in the house so that we could make sure. They could tell me everything they wanted to tell me about the house, I could ask them questions while I was in the house. And now we’re going to be doing all the paperwork and everything by computer. But the buyers are going to see a big change for you buyers, the internet is even going to be more important. And it’s actually going to be even more important on the realtor’s and what they’re using for tools. We’re very fortunate because Team Tara Lyons, we’ve had the technology behind us for many years. We’ve been doing videos and dollhouse and floor plans and many photos and all of that. So it’s not a huge change for us.

Tom Lyons 2:37
And we’re doing digital CMA’s for years now, years. Like it’s not new stuff for you

Tara Lyons 2:44
No, the changes for the buyers though, because you’re not going to be going through every house that you think you want to see physically. You’re going to be seeing virtually first and you’re going to be doing more drive-bys. And the reason for this is we have to limit the contact through the house. So the number one thing you want to do is do a drive-by on the house. This is of course, if you’re local, if you’re not, we will figure out new ways. Maybe we do the drive-by for you, and we FaceTime you so that you can see the neighborhood. But Google Earth is a great tool, you can actually walk the neighborhood. So these are things that it’s just going to take a little bit more on the buyers part to be doing a few things before coming in actually seeing the homes and this is not arbitrary. This is not a saying oh, you know, well, we just don’t want to go out and show homes This is mandated. And this is by the government. This is by our governing board. This is by our company, and then certainly by us too, we believe in it. We’ve got to keep everybody safe right now. Make sure you’re safe. We have all the protocols. Oh, by the way, we are missing a team member today you’ll notice Julie’s not with us.

Tom Lyons 3:53
No Julie, no River.

Tara Lyons 3:54
Yeah, no Julie. Rivers, asleep down beside me and I didn’t want to disturb her and Julie’s working hard. So she couldn’t make the call today. So hi Julie! We’ll chat with her afterwards. And of course, she knows what we’re talking about. So if you have any questions, it’s more important than ever to talk to your realtor. If you don’t have one, Julie, myself, we’re here to answer any questions you have. And Tom, of course, and we’re really lucky to have Tom, he’s feeding our whole back end with the technology side for us. So it, it’s more important than ever, talk to your realtor, talk to us talk to somebody, because this is going to be the way it is for a little bit. And that’s not a scary thing. It’s just what we have to do.

Tom Lyons 4:37
It’s just a thing. We’ll get through it. And we have the capabilities to do all the things that needed to be done. They’re just done a little bit differently. Now they’re a little bit more digital, a little bit more separation, right and a little bit more caution, but, um, but other than that, it’s keep everybody safe. And keep on truckin.

Tara Lyons 4:58
We may see a couple of changes as well. The fact that we’re limited on services, even though the banks and the lawyers and the registry office are all open, they certainly don’t have the number of people that they used to have. So we are going to see changes in our offers, you probably won’t see the standard five business days anymore. For conditions, you’re probably going to see the 10 business days, which 20 years ago when I got in the business that was standard. So don’t let that scare you as a seller. Don’t let that scare you as a buyer, this is just because honestly, we need to we need to be more more forgiving, more lenient, more compassionate to all the people that are still working to make sure that these transactions can occur.

Tom Lyons 5:43
Patience goes a long way right now.

Tara Lyons 5:46
Our Royal LePage offices are closed as a lot of other ones are to the public. We are still working. We are just not having our offices open to the public because we are still making sure we’re doing that social distancing. If you like I said, if you need us we’re all online. Find who you need who can best who can certainly help direct in that in our phones are still open emails, so. Oh, hold on good stuff.

My dad painted that picture!

Tom Lyons 6:12
Behind you?

Tara Lyons 6:14
Yeah! Yeah, that one. You say that like you’re surprised, you knew that?

Of course, we have had lamps in our homes that all of a sudden Tom realizes, oh, we have had that we not five years, so you never know.

Tom Lyons 6:26
Yeah. Not the one that pays attention to what’s in my own home.

Tara Lyons 6:30
We do digress. So we just want to say everybody, please play safe, work safe, be safe. Please, if you have to go out, do that social distancing.

Tom Lyons 6:41
Stay home. Just stay home. Stay home if you can. I mean, despite the fact that we have properties and that sort of stuff, it is surprising how much we can stay here and not leave this house. We barely.. We go days and we don’t actually have to leave the house so..

Tara Lyons 7:04
You’re at the pet store. We’re at these different places. Keep that social distance.

Tom Lyons 7:09
For everybody’s safety.

Team 7:17
Tour Tuesday out!