Tour Tuesday and it is Raining!

00:06 Tour Tuesday and it is raining!00:21 If you have anybody who has a rental we have a client looking we sold his nice waterfront home and he needs a place to live in Belleville.01:26 Great event coming up this Saturday June 1st, Strut for Strays. 02:04 Most of listing sold!04:19 Unpredictable market right now. … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Buyers Representation

00:19 Welcome back from the long weekend!01:02 Buyers rep is a separate contract with the Realtor®.02:06 If you’re entering into a contract so it’s really important to understand what that contract means. 02:32 You are better off to find a realtor that you enjoy working with and sign that contract with them because they can … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Silly Laughing

Tour Tuesday and the Silly Laughing! 😂 00:29 Time on market about 27 days right now. 00:53 Interest rates are down under the 3% now. 01:04 Did everybody hear about us on Cool 100 yeah we were the last prize standing, we had so much fun! 👏02:02 The other thing buyers representation, please sign … Read more

Tour Tuesday and a Cat Walks By!

Tour Tuesday and a Cat Walks By! 00:15 We are on our new listing! Beautiful home 37 NORTHWOOD CRESCENT! Open house this Saturday, 1:00PM-2:30PM. 00:34 Another open house at 7218 HIGHWAY 37 on Sunday, 1:00PM-2:30PM! 01:20 Another new listing at 30 WALLBRIDGE ROAD. We have so many listings for this week, come by and see … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Trash

00:03 Tour Tuesday and we’re using a phone! 00:34 We’re top – rated top three agents in Belleville. 00:40 Julie did a garbage pickup yesterday. 01:39 Don’t throw any trash on the road! 01:52 Balancing out the market, we will get the average days on market is in a couple of days. 02:05 Inventory has … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Happy Easter

Tour Tuesday with the team! 00:08 Two homes on tour today! 01:14 Lower interest rates we’re gonna be starting a new segment for Tour Tuesday. 02:07 If you want to know more about interest rates, call us! 02:14 What is everybody doing on Easter? 03:04 Notre dame, an iconic building was on fire and it … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Waterfront Condos

It’s Tuesday and should be warm but it’s raining! 00:09 An awesome new listing 8 Magnolia Court. Beautiful home! 🏡 00:49 Open house on Sunday from 1:00pm to 2:30pm! See you there! 01:17 Interest rate is coming down. 02:31 At the Home Show we had a great giveaway.

Tour Tuesday and the Ten Minutes of Funny

Tour Tuesday and the Ten Minutes of Funny 00:10 Anyway we are highly principled, we are highly capable and competent individuals here to help you on your real estate intelligence! 00:38 Spring market is upon us and we have a lot of listings coming up! 00:55 We do have a beautiful 40 acre parcel and … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Addendum

0:01 Well this spring is springing yes snow is melting birds are chirping.00:48 St. Patrick’s Day and Old Montreal was hoppin. Tara went partying with her sister! 01:59 Any questions that you have especially getting homes ready for the market we’re more than happy to answer them, you can email us you can message just … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Declining Rates

00:20 Jeanette Minaker our client has asked for a shout out so this is a shout out to you Jeanette! 📢 We love you!! 00:32 New listing 174 Burnham Street, if you are looking for a home at the 250 price range we have it listed at $249,900! 01:33 Open house tomorrow (Wednesday) from 4:30PM-5:30PM. … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Well-Dressed Pup

Tour Tuesday and Well-Dressed Pup! 00:20 Went to the dinner for fixed fur life, wonderful organization. 00:29 River won Best Dressed Pup. 00:36 There’s a little picture of her being Supergirl! 00:48 So Costco is coming to town! 01:28 Still, don’t forget to continue supporting local as well. 02:34 We will be announcing homes coming … Read more

Tour Tuesday and No News!

00:10 So we had a wonderful new listing this week we’re actually 128 Finch Drive in Belleville. (Now it is SOLD!) 👍 01:23 There was almost no news in our meeting 01:25 We will have our awards coming up and we will be doing that top 3% in our area. 02:04 Everybody’s just getting their … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Hawaii!

Tour Tuesday and Hawaii!! 00:01 It’s Tuesday and we’re back from Hawaii 00:29 It was super cold in Hawaii 25 degrees Celsius, should have been 40. 00:52 The skating event turnout good, thank you everybody who came. Family day and skate day is always fun! 01:04 We have our awards this week. Diamond Award! 03:03Tom … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Batawa Lofts

We are just leaving Batawa right now. 00:21 If you know anybody who’s looking for rentals, the old batawa shoe factory has been converted to the Batawa Lofts and they are completely rentals not condos, not for purchase. 00:40 Pets are allowed. 00:47 Ranges from $1350 to $2950 a month plus utilities. 02:23 We had … Read more

Tour Tuesday and it’s COLD!

00:03 It’s cold!! 00:34 It’s a slow news week everybody’s hibernating! 01:22 We actually had several phone calls over the weekend about getting their homes ready to list. 01:35 People are preparing for the spring market and I love it when I get a phone call from past clients moving back to the area. 02:04 … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Letter

Tour Tuesday and the Letter It’s #TourTuesday 2019! 00:49 CIBC gave us some news. They expect only one rate increase this year probably around sometime around June or July. 01:49 Customer appreciation movie day is coming up. It will be Peter Rabbit. 01:56 If you’re our client and you would like to come out … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Diamond Award

#TourTuesday and the Diamond Award 00:16 We just heard that the City Council is going to do an online poll for everybody to see whether or not they believe we should or should not have retail locations for cannabis. 00:37 We have to celebrate – We’re diamond! 02:20 We wish you a Merry Christmas! 03:00 … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Christmas Vandal

Tour Tuesday and Christmas Vandal 00:06 We had a great week, last week we were at the conference with Richard Robbins. 00:55 If you are looking to purchase property as an Airbnb rental or short term accommodation in the county you should talk to your Realtor if you don’t have one, give us a … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Richard Robbins

00:01 we’re here in Toronto for the Richard Robbins international conference. 00:16 So we have the Christmas cards coming they’re really good! 00:59 We are starting to slow down and holidays are coming! You better watch out for the upcoming events!

Tour Tuesday and Calendars

Tour Tuesday and Calendars! It’s me and Julie today, Tom is not feeling well. Hope he feels better soon! 00:20 We have two awesome listings to talk about today! 00:28 130 Finch Avenue in Belleville, which is a 3 bedroom and 2 bath with attached garage. Tons of upgrades! You can book your showing on … Read more

Tour Tuesday and No Focus

01:20 We love to Tuesday! 03:06 What’s going on in the world today?! 03:07 The world today has the pinnacle we have been promoting and over the last couple weeks it’s come live where you can actually get your agreement in place. 04:17 Well, fall market is just about done were rolling in to really … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Halloween 2018

TourTuesday and Halloween2018 00:15 We’re so we have a lot of pride in our costumes we’re cool! 01:01 What’s everybody doing for the Halloween? 02:21 We are going into the house on tour with these outfits! 04:19 Good news! We won! We way to go Belleville 250,000 dollars to help develop that perk! 05:07 We … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Halloween

TourTuesday and the Halloween 00:16 We are talking about the rules that you’re allowed to have a pot plants in your house which could create stigma. 00:52 Insurance companies are talking about you may need to disclose it the banks haven’t really weighed in on the impact of it being there. 01:30 Interest rates were … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Thanksgiving!

00:36 We had a house that we listed last week. 00:37 We’ve had eight offers within two and a half days. 02:04 Seller wants to know if a buyer can afford, so financing is very important. 02:46 If you need help please let us know and we will help you! 03:11 Hope everybody had a … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Interest Rate

#TourTuesday and the Interest Rate! It is Tuesday and the team is complete! Tom forgot to record the 1st part of the video! But we still have discussed the interest rates in the 2nd part. 00:13 Expect like about three rate hikes unless if something changes. 00:26 If you’re looking if you’re looking to get … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Royal Lepage Conference

Our journey going here is so amazing and being with these amazing people that will let you learn more things about real estate is just so priceless and exciting! 00:06 International Conference right now herein Halifax are having a fantastic time. 00:11 We’re doing lots of sessions learning lots of stuff there. 00:18 We’re learning … Read more

Tour Tuesday in Cape Breton on the Cabot trail!

We are now touring with my parents and River. Having everyone around is really priceless. 00:07 We’re actually going around the Cabot Trail. 00:27 My parents and they’re touring with us. 00:34 We just had lobster sandwiches and they are delicious. 00:44 There so Julie is holding down the floor back in Belleville.

Tour Tuesday and Julie is Back!

The team is complete! Julie just had her vacation and she is now back and joining us in our tour! 00:21 Heard we are supposed to get like 10 to 20 centimeters of rain today in 24 hrs. 02:49 Well we’re on the fall market on a couple weeks. Everybody keeps calling and asking me … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Google Mini

01:07 Market is incredibly slow. 01:33 I am assuring everybody here yes homes will come on the market and it’s usually after Labor Day it’s very slow over August. 02:21 We’ve sold a couple houses this weekend actually we have several closings of sweets of gifts going in. 02:30 Big shout out for @Movesnap, doing … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Belleville Volkswagen

Tour Tuesday and Belleville Volkswagen! Beautiful Tuesday with the great team in Belleville! 00:18 We had a really great team event on Friday! 02:36 We are celebrating that we achieved to top 3% get over all the pages across this beautiful country. 03:08 Sell this year get us out it off in August because you … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Door

Wonderful Tuesday with the Team! We are complete today with Blake and River! 01:56 We have a squeal in our van it’s going in tomorrow to going to Bayview Auto. Marco our sales person. 03:02 It’s summer time! Market slows a little bit. 03:44 We are going to medieval times in celebration 04:04 Tom will … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Beaver Trap!

00:13 We’re missing Julie, she’s out for a home inspection. 00:26 We are on our way to our listing for the tour and it is the beautiful condo at Century Village. The 199 FRONT STREET #308. 02:07 Market slows down always in July, a lot of people are on holidays and one of the … Read more

Tour Tuesday with Jackie!

Here’s our dear Jackie joining us on our tour today. She is now teaching in China! 01:09 I just want to give a shout out to our one and only Anne Lammers who has been with our company for 40 years 01:48 A tip bit about real estate 02:01 Market slowed down but our Team … Read more

Tour Tuesday on Vacation – Part 2

Great Tuesday everyone! 00:01 It’s a Tour Tuesday but no, we are not going to tour! We are on holiday. 00:11 Julie did a LIVE Tour Tuesday! We will see you in a week guys! Have a great week everyone!

Tour Tuesday and the Law

Tour Tuesday and the Law Great Tuesday with the team! Our team is complete this week and we will be talking more about real estate. We will share to you how the market is doing right now and then. 01:28 Belleville Thurlow area we hold 58% of the market. 02:43 Number of listings on the … Read more

Tour Tuesday and it’s Julie’s Birthday!

00:09 Happy birthday dear Julie! 01:55 The Toronto market is starting to move up. 02:27 Keep promoting for this area, a good reflection on our markets. 02:35 Lot of people moving in this country, there will be a strong needs of homes. 03:10 Homes going to rise up in value!

Tour Tuesday and 3 Homes!

Touring homes on this beautiful Tuesday! We have so much to share to you about these gorgeous homes! Check the video and the links down there. 00:22 We got three homes on tour today! 00:29 24 Walnut, its a two bedroom bungalow, beautiful home! 00:42 One here that we’re in right now is 236 Palmer … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Awkward Silence

A sunny day to tour with Julie. Let’s talk more about real estate and we have 2 beautiful home listed! Check our video for more details 00:56 We have 254 Ann Street, fabulous 1 and 1/2 home, 3 bedrooms up and any more! 01:38 One is 40 Olive Street, gorgeous home with 4 beds! 02:10 … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Farmers

Tour Tuesday and the Farmers! It’s Tom and Julie for a rainy Tour Tuesday! 00:01 It’s Tour Tuesday and it’s raining! 03:44 Two homes you’ve only gotten last one. 04:47 New tax assessment coming out for farms.

Tour Tuesday

Rainy Tuesday to tour! 00:38 Toronto is definitely having a slowdown. Though it is quiet slow, listings are still coming. 01:26 There are houses on tour today so that is a good indicator that things are not moving quite as quickly. 01:30 We have a new listing 11 Westmount Drive, Belleville 02:16 There’s also a … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Crazy Car

00:31 Got two really great homes to tour today! 00:33 40 Olive Street and 96 Avondale Rd! 00:54 40 Olive St, full finished walkout basement all kinds of upgrades. 01:51 Market report is out for those that want to get it, you can check it on our website!

Tour Tuesday and You Get a Birthday!

Another great Tuesday to tour with the team! Learn more about new things about real estate and the city on our Tour Tuesday video. 00:09 It’s Tuesday and we tour homes! 01:36 Wondering why we don’t actually show the homes on tour? 01:46 Today interest rates went up. 03:31 Shoutout to Starbucks on North front, … Read more

Tour Tuesday and the Ice Storm

00:12 We have new home listed on 3 Vine Crescent, gorgeous 4 level split home. 00:18 watch out for snow so they’re just going nuts spring-like weather. 02:35 Biggest one that everybody is talking about is the mortgage change. 03:41 Spring market kind of slow down.

Tour Tuesday and WILB Conference

We are attending WILB Conference with great leaders in Niagara. Check more about the WILB conference in the link below! 00:09 We are at the Women’s in Leadership and Business Conference in Niagara. 00:40 Julie is taking over all real estate stuff while we are away. Have a great Tuesday everyone!

Tour Tuesday and the Shakey Camera

Learn more about the Downpayment Assistance we posted last week. Watch our video and get more details about it! 00:26 Let talk about exciting real estate stuff yes and of course we had the Home Show and we had two great winners! 01:05 The one time downpayment assistance which has a fantastic plan with cooperation … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Down Payment

Another great Tuesday to tour with Team Tara Lyons! Learn more about Downpayment providing by the Ontario government and hasting county by clicking here.   If you need assistance or have questions, please contact us. 00:10 Excited because it’s the Home Show, we have few tickets left. Please send us an email for those who are … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Terdy Tirdy Terd

00:18 Team Tara Lyons has a new team member, Julie Martin! 01:25 We really have a great home on tour today, we have 61 Morgan Rd. 01:55 The Pinnacle  is coming out this week. A great and brand new condo development! If you have questions about it, ask us or you can visit this website. … Read more

Tour Tuesday and Mexico

We are sharing with you our vacation on this Tour Tuesday edition! We had a great time and had a lot of amazing experiences! 00:01 Tuesday and it is a special Mayan Rivera experience edition! 00:24 Question of the day: Can you purchase property outside of Canada and can we help you with that? 01:58 … Read more